» Abstracts

In order to give a talk and have the abstract appear in the printed booklet of abstracts, one must submit a title and abstract for the talk by July 5, 2013 (extended from July 1). Abstracts can be submitted up to July 15, but will not appear in the booklet of abstracts if submitted after July 5.

Contributed talks are scheduled every 30 minutes. It is expected that talks, including any questions, take only 25 minutes with 5 minutes left for people to change rooms.

Invited talks and tutorial talks are scheduled in 1 hour timeslots and are expected to take up to 50 minutes followed by up to 5 minutes of questions.

Abstracts are refereed for quality. Abstracts which are unrelated to BLAST fields will be rejected. Abstracts for material that will not be presented at BLAST 2013 will also be rejected.