» About Ted Nelson

As early as 1960, Ted Nelson began to envision a world in which all of our media—documents, films, etc.—would be connected and interacting with one another on a vast system of computers. Nelson coined the term Intertwingled to express the complexity of the world that had to be represented. His statement about the Intertwingled nature of the world not only describes much of the digital 21st century that we inhabit, but it also describes Chapman University’s commitment to interdisciplinary research and education.

Dr. Ted Nelson, who also created the term hypertext, had a considerable influence on the personal computing world in its infancy. Nelson’s effect on the development of hypertext systems has been substantial, and the Association for Computing Machinery’s Hypertext Conference awards the Ted Nelson Newcomer Award annually. He was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Chapman University during Fall 2013, when he taught an honor’s course entitled “Cinema of the Mind.”