Chapman's Peter Mclaren and friends pose.
Attallah College of Educational Studies

» Paulo Freire Partnership

Centro Comunitario de Educación is a partner under the umbrella of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project. Since its inception as a Chapman entity, the principle of this downtown Santa Ana location has been to create a community space where education happens in conjunction with the community and not on it. In Education as a Practice of Freedom, Paulo Freire said, "To be is to engage in relationship with others and with the world". In this Freirian sense, the experiences of the people who come to the Centro Comunitario are not only recognized and valued, but they become a part of the educational process for everyone. The liberatory effects of promoting literacy and being in relationship with others in the world directs the manner in which the Centro Comunitario is run. 

Centro Comunitario de Educación is a vibrant learning location where Chapman University faculty and students and community members engage in learning and working together. The artists, authors, teachers and participants who share their talents and creativity are all intricate contributors to the development of our human potential and to help us envision and create a more equitable and human world.