» California Alliance on Inclusive Schooling

The California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling has emerged from recent statewide conversations regarding how best to support inclusive teacher preparation programs to ensure good schools for all students. Our mission is to support, unify, and promote efforts to increase inclusive schooling in California.

Steering Committee

  • Don Cardinal, (co-chair), Chapman University, Thompson Policy Institute
  • Marquita Grenot-Scheyer (co-chair), The California State University, Office of the Chancellor
  • Victoria Graf, LMU, CAPSE, CCTE
  • Mary Sandy, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • Barbara Murchison, California Department of Education
  • Wayne Sailor, The University of Kansas, SWIFT Center
  • Paul Sindelar, The Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform Center, (CEEDAR)
  • Kristin Wright, California Department of Education 

“Inclusion is a radical revolution.”- Dr. Mary Falvey, 2018 DisAbility Summit 

For additional information, please contact tpi@chapman.edu.