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Paulo FreireBrazilian philosopher and educator Paulo Reglus Neves Freire was born in Recife, Brazil, on September 19, 1921. He died of heart failure in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 2, 1997. His political philosophy of education and his lifetime obsession with integrating theory and research is known and studied internationally.

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Schools and Education

Padres Unidos

Padres Unidos is a grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to parent education and school readiness. With a holistic family-based approach, Padres Unidos serves more than 4,500 low-income Latino students and their families in Orange County each year. As part of Chapman’s extended education program, the Attallah College of Educational Studies and Padres Unidos developed the curriculum for a two-year Community Worker Paraprofessional Certificate program. In June 2018, the fourth cohort graduated from the Chapman and Padres Unidos training program.

Centro Comunitario de Educación

Centro Comunitario de Educación is a partner under the umbrella of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project. Since its inception as a Chapman entity, the principle aim of Centro has been to create a community space where education happens in conjunction with the community and not on it. In Education as a Practice of Freedom, Paulo Freire said, "To be is to engage in relationship with others and with the world." In this Freirian sense, the experiences of the people who come to Centro are not only recognized and valued, but they become a part of the educational process for everyone.