» Entertainment Marketing Campaign: "There Is No God And We All Die Alone"

  • The Film
  • Executive Summary
  • A comedic short film following a young man’s whimsical search for the meaning of life.

  • Created by John Brian Pierce (BA/PRA'13)

    Have you ever heard someone say, “we all have at least one thing in common?” They were right. We all die, eventually. But it’s the part of life that most of us are still not comfortable with yet. So how do we all deal with this? What do we do? What happens after?

    Henry Fleetwood, the guy on the cover, has been asking the same questions since college when his girlfriend made him read the book, “There Is No God and We All Die Alone.”

    The story is centered around Henry’s life after the passing of his father in his search for reason in this unreasonable world, a journey many of us are familiar with.

    While this film doesn’t intentionally strive to answer life’s biggest questions, it does wittily acknowledge and present them in a charming and unique form.

    This marketing plan will present a comprehensive strategy to position and communicate this idea to audiences. We’re telling a story through a character we can all relate with on some level, leaving audiences with an ending to talk about on the drive home. Because what’s the point of a movie if it doesn’t start a conversation?

    The marketing will do the same. We have developed a campaign that hopes to begin a conversation from the moment the first poster is released. The conversation will manifest itself in many ways with the underlying goal to get people to stop and think, because we believe there is an audience out there who wants to do just that.