» Entertainment Marketing Campaign: "Teen Force Ninjas"

  • The Film
  • Executive Summary
  • Teen Force Ninjas is a story about growing up... with ninjas. In this coming-of-age comedy, audiences will experience Bobby’s place in the
    ongoing battle of good versus evil. Bobby fights imaginary villains with his five favorite ninjas until he must face real bullies alone.
  • Created by Chelsea Freitas (BA/PRA'13)

    A Ninja-tastic tale of inspiring courage and encouraging laughter. Teen Force Ninjas roots for the underdog and acknowledges the meek. This
    film is united by a theme of bravery and supported by comedy. The narrative was created to empower youth and raise awareness of bullying
    through a vehicle that is relevant to children – Ninjas!

    Teen Force Ninjas is story about 10-year-old Bobby and his role in the ongoing battle of good versus evil. Everyday Bobby has amazing
    adventures with his five best friends, the Teen Force Ninjas. The only problem is that these adventures are only in his imagination. In reality, he is
    faced with bullies until he makes a friend that can help.

    This plans book contains a fully-integrated marketing campaign for Teen Force Ninjas. The campaign reaches three target audiences through
    strategic advertisements and bold creative. The cast and crew have an incredible story to tell, welcome to the Teen Force!