» Entertainment Marketing Campaign: Invisible

  • The Film
  • The Plan
  • Three college students making a film in the Mojave Desert are startled by an explosion in the distance. A soldier who appears to warn them of impending disaster is soon killed by an unseen force—an invisible machine that seems programmed to kill them as well. Invisible tells the story of their fate in their found footage as they seek to uncover a dangerous government secret. Genre: Sci-fi/horror.

  • Government conspiracies, relatable characters, and action-packed scenes run rampant through Invisible, a film that nevertheless presents a key marketing challenge—the antagonist cannot be shown, or revealed, in the marketing plan. Since the story is presented through found footage, key elements will be presented to target audiences as real. Potential audience members—teens/young adults, horror/sci-fi fans, and males—will be challenged to “Uncover the Truth” by a variety of channels: creative advertising, festival marketing including a street team, a website and social media activities, guerilla tactics, TV spots, theatrical promotions , publicity and at key horror/sci-fi conventions.