» PR Campaign: Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum

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  • Create brand awareness in a category dominated by Bacardi and Captain Morgan for a product with virtually no brand awareness and a not particularly marketable name. Overcome the fact that people do not drink rum, but rather rum-based drinks and most do not care about rum brands.
  • Rename the brand—r o k Rum. Target the “fluid socialite,” well-educated, independent, single young women who follow fashion, music and meet their girlfriends for drinks regularly after work. Position r o k as a sophisticated, luxury brand with a sleek and minimalist bottle design and advertising campaign. Include a B2B plan targeting owners or restaurants, lounges, bars and clubs, including outreach through national alcohol trade shows. Sponsor up-and-coming bands and artists. Partner with Swarovski for a diamond sweepstakes. Utilize product placement in the next Sex and the City movie and on demographically targeted television shows such as Entourage and Desperate Housewives.
  • Kelsey Chapman

    Sara Hahn

    Kimmy Kirkwood

    Elyse Mueller

    Chelsea Phillips

    Zachary Reusing