» Jon-Michael Herrmann, B.A. Public Relations & Advertising ‘11

Current Occupation: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Jr. Planner 

What was your most memorable moment while at Dodge College?

One of the highlights of college for me was winning the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). It was an incredible opportunity to represent the public relations and advertising program at Chapman. I also met some of the smartest and most talented people that will change the future of advertising. 

What did you learn from the on-campus organizations you were a part of?

I was a member of the 2010 (creative director/presenter) and 2011 (planning director) NSAC teams. I experienced real-world high stake pressures, conflict resolution, and the joys and tears of advertising by participating in NSAC. I believe it was the single most important decision that put me in the fast lane to an advertising career post-college. 

Were there any faculty members who served as a mentor to you either during your collegiate years or in post-graduate life?

Cory O' Connor, Cheril Hendry, Ray Roschmann, and Dawn Taubin were phenomenal influences on my advertising future.

Reflecting on your years at Dodge College, what one thing you would do again, and what one thing would  you change?

Hands down: NSAC. I miss all my friends and the camaraderie that comes with the brainstorming, late night nerd wars, and fierce deadlines. Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to keep in touch, but with careers it makes it hard to actually see each other in person. One thing I would change? I would have put in more effort into my Intro to Visual Storytelling class. Those movies are just embarrassingly terrible now. 

What advice would you give to current students?

Get involved in everything and anything that interests you, even if it's outside your comfort zone. Whether it is spending a semester abroad, trying a sport you've never played, or some dorky advertising competition, go with your gut and it will give you the skills and experiences you'll need and want when you graduate. 

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

When the first commercial that I worked on extensively aired on TV, I knew that my dream job was now my real job.

Now that you've graduated, what have you taken from the classroom and applied to your career?

Always surround yourself with people that you think are smarter and more talented than you are, then try to keep up. If you do it right, you'll always be humbled by how amazingly impressive people are, but then you will be surprised when they say the same about you. 

Have your career aspirations changed since you graduated?

Right now I'm incredibly happy where I am, but who knows? Maybe after a few years in the field I'd be lucky enough to join up with some legendary professors at Chapman and teach a class or two!

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