» Tips and Resources for Off-Campus Move-Out

Moving out of an off-campus house or apartment comes with its own unique sets or challenges and obstacles. Chapman University's Sustainability Department is here to provide you with resources and tips to make the entire process easier for students. Below is a guide of resources from pet shelters to trash pick-up services that are available to help students.

If you want to learn more about how to connect with the City of Orange community visit the Neighbors of Chapman website.

Note: Click here for a PDF filled with additional student move out information.

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Pet Resources

Many college students adopt pets like cats and dogs once they move off campus. However, upon graduation it can be difficult to take them with you. One solution is to find a new and loving home for the animal. Another is to leave them with a animal rescue or pet shelter so that they have the opportunity to be adopted and find a new and loving home. Listed below are no-kill shelters and adoption facilities in the Orange County area that are taking in pets:

E-Waste Services

Another common struggle for students living off-campus is figuring out what to with old or broken electronic devices when they move out. It's detrimental to the environment to directly discard tech items in the trash because they release harmful toxins and chemicals. The Sustainability Department has compiled a list of companies that assist in the disposal of electronic waste:

Furniture Donation

The majority of off-campus students want to sell their furniture when they move out. However, some things are just hard to sell! To remedy this the Sustainability Department has a curated a list of companies that offer furniture donations and large household item pick-ups. 

Trash Pick-Up Services

Typically when students move-out they tend to leave trash and debris behind. To be respectful to the Orange community and the environment, Chapman wants all students to properly dispose of their trash and unwanted items. Below are companies that provide garbage removal and pick-up services.