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person holding a posterThere are a number of ways to join with individuals and groups on campus to work together in creating a more sustainable community. Join students and faculty who are just as passionate about sustainability as you are. There's something here for everyone, regardless of your skill set. Listed below are just a few of these opportunities. For additional programs, visit Chapman's Civic Engagement page. Also explore other sustainability initiatives using the navigation menu on the left.

Green Department Certification Program

GDC The GDC is a program made to educate Chapman's various departments on sustainable practices and to evaluate the extent of their current sustainability efforts. A report is provided for the department at the conclusion of the training so that they can continue their sustainability expansion. They also receive a certificate to display their status as a "green" department. Read more details about the Green Department Certification Program here.

Community Garden

Students gardening

Chapman University's community garden is located in Davis Quad and is open to all students, faculty, and staff. This program is run by Civic Engagement Initiatives. You can reserve a bed for either class or individual use, plus it is free and easy to do! They are always looking for volunteers to help with the garden's maintenance and upkeep, which is a great way to earn volunteer hours.

If you have any questions regarding the community garden or would like to volunteer, please email Civic Engagement.

You can also sign up to reserve a garden bed on OrgSync.

Mission Environment

Earth Week 2014

Mission Environment is a student club on campus that aims to implement more sustainable practices at Chapman. They also impact the lives of students and the campus community by encouraging everyone to be more environmentally friendly. One of the big contributions they made recently included the events that took place during Earth Week 2014. Contact the Mission Environment President Cora Byers at byers102@mail.chapman.edu with any questions or comments.

Tower Gardens

Light bulb

Chapman is bringing in a different type of garden to the campus, known as the Tower Garden. The University has recently purchased 3 of them for community use. The Tower Garden is a vertical growing system that can be used to grow all kinds of plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It has been shown to take only half the time to grow than planting in soil would take. We are eager to see what these Tower Gardens can bring to the campus.

If you are interested in being involved with the Tower Gardens please email the Sustainability Department.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA box

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) connects our campus to local farms and growers. Every other week, small and large boxes full of fruits and vegetables arrive at Chapman for those who subscribe to the service. The contents vary from week to week, so it's different every time you open your box! Chapman's current supplier is Tanaka Farms, located in the nearby Orange County city of Irvine.

Sign up to join the subscribers list at Chapman or find additional information about the program from the Tanaka Farms website.

Green Initiative Fund

Green Initiative Fund Logo

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) accepts applications requesting funding for a sustainability project. Chapman's Faculty Sustainability Committee reviews all applications and selects fund recipients based on how well their proposal reflects the goals of TGIF. Applications must meet certain criteria and guidelines, which can be found on the TGIF information page. The applications are due on a monthly basis, so they are always looking for new projects.

To apply for funding from TGIF, fill out an application on OrgSync.