Morlan Residence Hall outdoor courtyard with trees and dorms in the background
Efforts to decrease water use are ongoing.
Chapman Sustainability

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In light of the serious drought facing California, the Sustainability Department has implemented significant changes around Chapman's campus in order to reduce water waste and overall environmental impact.

Native Gardens

Garden The Sustainability Department is currently working on installing 5 native, California-friendly gardens at Marion Knott Studios, Pralle-Sodaro Hall in Residence Life, and Chapman's main campus. These gardens with native plants significantly reduce water consumption over non-native plants, which can be seen in the numbers and trends in our water data. Check our Instagram @sustainchapman and Facebook page for updates and pictures!

Dorms and Campus

Davis Apartments

Small changes both on Chapman's main campus and within residence life can have a significant impact on water conservation and our overall environmental impact. Here are a few of these changes that have been recently implemented:

  • Weather-based irrigation system in the dorms with plans to install it on main campus as well beginning this summer
  • Toilet standard is 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Retro fits for the shower heads in the dorms



With the installation of retrofits in the residence halls, we can save 4.5 million gallons of water over the course of the school year. This calculation does not factor in summer conference and camps because there is not enough reliable information about how many showers a day the guests take and how long their showers last. For the students during the academic year, the savings are based on a 245 day school year. Students' shower length on average was found to be 12 minutes and the number of showers taken per day was found to be .95. The table below shows the numbers for daily and yearly water use and savings.

Gallons used per shower

Daily Total Water Use (in gallons)

Yearly Total Water Use (in gallons)









Water Savings