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» 15. Ticket Sales

Free tickets:

If you are not going to be selling tickets and instead are handing them out for free, you do not need to go through any of the instructions below.

Requirements for selling tickets through the ticket office (633 W. Palm, Office 118):

  • For more information on on-campus accounts reference Section 10- University Accounts

  • A Chapman University Event Information and Request for Ticketing Form, available in the Event Scheduling Office, 633 W. Palm Ave, office 118 must be filled out and returned to 633 W. Palm Ave, office 118 at least two weeks before ticket sales are to take place.

**Things to note when preparing to sell tickets

  • If tickets will be sold during the weekend or anytime after noon on Friday, communicate with Event Scheduling Office and Financial Services. Ticket sales will stop Friday at noon and tickets can be picked up and sold by the club and/or organization with approval from Financial Services.

  • Ticket income may not be transferred from the Ticket Office to your account until the end of the semester, so budget accordingly.

Selling tickets outside of the ticket office:

  • Fill out the Cashier Supplies Request Form to request manual credit card terminals, cash box and petty cash. You must submit this request to one of the available cashiers in the Cashier’s Office, located in Bhathal Student Services.

  • Tickets can be sold through campus departments, outdoor tabling, or at the door. You must contact Financial Services-Michelle Clark - mrclark@chapman.edu - (714) 997-6963 to arrange for the money to be deposited into a Chapman University account.

  • Security – Do not carry large amounts of cash without security, there is no charge for Public Safety escorting anyone with money. You may also arrange for a security officer to be present at your event so that funds will be secure. Ticket income & petty cash can also be stored at Public Safety for 24 hours or over the weekend until it can be deposited safely at the Cashier’s Office. Contact Public Safety (714-997-6763) to make all necessary arrangements.

Tips for selling tickets:

  • It is a good idea to let Student and Campus Life (AF 303) know where and when you will be selling tickets for your event so that inquiring students can be given accurate information about how to buy tickets.

  • Inform the Student Union Info Desk about ticket sales.

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Maria Coronado
Event Scheduling Office
(714) 997- 6811

Cashier's Office
(714) 744-7874

Michelle Clark
Financial Services
(714) 997-6963