Three students set outside Ruby's restaurant in Orange, California
The Panther's Guide to Living Off Campus

» Keep Your Property Looking Fresh

We all love the historic charm of Old Towne Orange, and a lot of that charm comes from the pride people take in the appearance of their homes. As a resident of Orange, it’s up to you to keep your house looking neat and up to par.

Take pride in your neighborhood and where you live

If you’ve had a gathering, make sure you pick up any trash left behind —not only on your property, but the yards of your neighbors, as well! Couches on your lawn aren’t so cute. That goes for beer cans, too.

Report anything that is damaged or broken to your landlord immediately

Some small household problems can be a symptom of a much larger issue. It’s your responsibility to report problems as much as it is the responsibility of the landlord to work with you on resolving them.

Bring in trash cans, newspapers and mail in a timely fashion

Wheeling in your trash cans after trash day is a simple task and only needs to be done once per week. Rotate the responsibility between all of your roommates so everyone is equally responsible.

Bring your mail in on a daily basis. And if a newspaper gets left on your driveway, bring that in too! Even if you didn’t request it, it’s still on your property and should be disposed of properly.