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We hope you will use the resources here to connect with your fellow students and the larger Muslim community and make the most of your Chapman experience!


Welcome from Shaykh Jibreel Speight, Chapman’s Muslim Life Directorcalligraphy-3.png

As Chapman University’s Director of Muslim Life, my mission is to establish a support system that caters to the needs of every Muslim student, fostering a constructive and enriching college journey.

To accomplish this, I oversee the organization of religious, educational, and social events that cater to the entire Muslim community on campus. Details about these resources and activities can be found right here on this page.

Should you ever need any guidance or support, please feel free to contact me at jspeight@chapman.edu.



Chapman student clubs and organizations

Click the link to learn more and get contact information.

Students can also learn about and join clubs in-person at the Student Involvement Fair, which takes place once every semester.

Muslim holidays and traditions

At Chapman, you have a welcoming place to join in religious, social, and cultural programming regularly, including these major Muslim observances and celebrations:

  • Jumu'ah Prayers: A special sermon and prayer that occurs every Friday. Held in the Wilkinson Founders Chapel in the Fish Interfaith Center from 1-2 p.m.
    • The chapel will be closed during holidays. When the chapel is closed on Fridays, you can visit one of the local mosques.
  • Ramadan: Chapman hosts a “Welcome Ramadan” ceremony in the Attallah Piazza, and the Caf has special Ramadan meals for Muslim students with meal plans. The Fish Interfaith Center also hosts four Iftar meals as well as an “Eid” event to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Resources for prayer 

As a Muslim student, you have the opportunity to engage in prayer in a designated and comfortable area at your convenience:

  • Prayer/Meditation Room: (Orange Campus) Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Located in Fish Interfaith Center for students to pray or to meditate with meditation cushions, prayer rugs, and a wudu/washing station.
  • Wellness/Reflection/Prayer Room: (Rinker Campus in Irvine) Located on the second floor for students to use as needed for spiritual and meditation practices. The adjacent wellness room provides a multipurpose space for facilitated group yoga and mindfulness classes as well as open hours for everyone to decompress from class and work.

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Academic opportunitiesmedina-azahara.jpeg

At Chapman, we support academic endeavors both at home and abroad. These include:

  • The Vision of Islam FFC Course (Taught by Shaykh Speight). Gain a comprehensive understanding of Islam as a religion, its history, core beliefs, practices, cultural impact, and various interpretations. Students can take this course during their first year to fulfill their First-year Focus GE requirement.
  • Study abroad opportunities: Chapman undergraduate students can choose to go abroad for a semester, a full year, or a travel course, which is shorter and held over the winter or summer terms.
    • Of Chapman’s available programs, studying in Spain can provide unique value in learning more about Muslim history.
    • You can find more details about study abroad opportunities on the Religious Support Abroad page.
    • For questions about traveling abroad as a Muslim student, contact Shaykh Jibreel at speight@chapman.edu.

The religious accommodations policy on Chapman course syllabi ensures that all students have the right to utilize certain religious accommodations, allowing you to modify your schedule in accordance with religious observances.


Muslim life in Southern Californiaislamic-institute-oc.jpeg

The surrounding area of Chapman, along with the broader Southern California region, is a place where you have the opportunity to fortify and grow as an individual practicing the Muslim faith.

Places of worship

Within Orange County and the broader Southern California region, numerous Muslim centers and mosques can be found around Chapman, including:

Local halal food

There are several off-campus sources of halal food near our Orange Campus:


Outside scholarships for Muslim applicants

Visit the Muslim Applicants page for more details about scholarships designed specifically for Muslim students, along with a list of options that can help financially support your college education.


Teachings by Shaykh Jibreel Speight

Shaykh Jibreel can help you learn more about the traditions and history of Muslim culture:


Listen to Shaykh Jibreel's reflection on the practice of fasting on Fish Interfaith’s SoundCloud.

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