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+ - Freshman: Identify resume best practices, develop a resume and obtain feedback

A resume is a document that outlines skills, education and experiences so employers can see “at a glance” how a student can contribute to the workplace.  It remains the most important document used in presenting one’s case for being selected for employment.

Take-Away:   Student will possess a one page resume, in chronological format, to use when applying for part-time employment or internship.

How:  One way to create a first resume is based on the Argyros School template.  The template outlines the primary categories to consider when developing the initial resume.  See also these resources: 

Next stop for Freshman: Go to Attend at least 3 career-related events to learn from industry professionals

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+ - Sophomore: Upload updated resume into Argyros Connect

An approved resume is a document that outlines the student’s skills, education and experiences.  Approved means that the resume is ready to be seen by employers and is posted on the Argyros connect system at the Argyros School. 

Take-Away:  Students will complete a one page chronological resume outlining basic skills, education and work experience.  In addition students should complete a one page cover letter detailing job interests and qualifications directed towards a specific employer and/or job.

How:  Generally resume development requires several iterations. The Undergraduate Business Career Center has appointments available on Argyros Connect as well as drop-in hours. When a student’s resume is ready for an official review they will upload it to Argyros connect for approval before the resume will post. In addition the following resources are available: 

Next stop for Sophomore: Go to Create a LinkedIn profile and begin to build professional network

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+ - Junior: Update resume and upload new document to Argyros Connect

Students should have an update resume and cover letter present on the Argyros Connect system ready to be seen by employers.  In addition students should establish a professional presence on the web via a Linkedin profile.  

Take-Away:  Students should have resume and cover letter that reflects recent summer work experience and additional courses taken on Argyros Connect.  In addition students should have a complete, professional profile on Linkedin.

How:  Useful resources for accomplishing these goals include:

Next stop for Junior: Go to Engage with at least 5 professionals in your desired field, industry or job

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