» The 20th Anniversary of the George L. Argyros College of Business and Economics

Big Dreams; Bold Vision: 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Excellence Poster
Julianne and George Argyros

The Chapman University School of Business was founded in 1974, but in 1999 we officially became the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics as a result of a transformational gift from the Class of 1959 Alumnus, the Honorable George L. Argyros and his wife Julianne. In September 2023, the school tranformed in a college to further support it's growth at Chapman University. The official name of is the Argyros College of Business and Economics

Over the past twenty years, Julianne and George have transformed the educational landscape at Chapman University through their visionary leadership and generosity. The Argyros College's enrollment has tripled. More than 9,000 graduates now carry the Argyros name. Faculty includes Nobel Laureates, internationally-acclaimed scholars, researchers and titans of industry. Thanks to Julianne and George, today, the Argyros College is ranked among the Top 100 business schools in the world.

A dinner in celebration of our 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Excellence took place on October 9, 2019 with the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.
President George W. Bush

George L. Argyros 20th Anniversary Seal

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