» Gabriel Madrid

Gabriel Madrid

Admission Counselor


Biography in brief:

Gabriel was born in Los Angeles and raised in Ontario, California, where he graduated from Chino High School. Gabriel graduated from Pitzer College in May 2017 with a degree in Sociology. During his time at Pitzer, Gabriel served on various committees and worked for several local community-based organizations including Judicial Council, Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige, Prison Education Project and Residence Life. Throughout college, Gabriel was a student worker for the Office of Admission at Pitzer. His positive experience as a student worker motivated him to continue working in higher education.

Advice from Gabriel:

Everything will be okay. The most important piece is to prepare early. You should start visiting your prospective institutions and connecting with members within that community sometime before your senior year. I recommend visiting the institution when you are deciding on finding the perfect fit. You should be able to see yourself as a student.

Gabriel’s favorite spot on campus:

I really like the Hutton sports complex. We have super beautiful athletic facilities!

Gabriel’s favorite aspect about working in the Admission Office:

It is always rewarding when you are able to help a student navigate the college selection process. Finding the perfect institution is not an easy task. I like being the students first point of contact before applying to college.

Fast Facts:

3 words to describe myself: driven, dedicated, friendly 

Favorite subject: Sociology 

Role model: My mother

Favorite musical performer/band/composer: The Fray 

Most prized possession: My car

Favorite Summer Activities: I enjoy beach camping, going to the gym, watching sporting events and attending concerts

Book you would read again: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Best movie of all time: The Hangover

Favorite quote and by whom: "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." -Kevin Durant

Dream job: Corporate attorney