» Chris Helvajian

Assistant Director of Admission

Biography in Brief 

Chris graduated with a BFA in Public Relations and Advertising from Chapman University in 2009. While completing his senior-year coursework, Chris enrolled in the Argyros School of Business and Economics Integrated MBA program. He graduated once more, this time with his Master’s degree, in 2010. 

As a student at Chapman, Chris was involved in a variety of on- and off-campus activities. He was president of the Public Relations Student Society of America, an account director for Chapman’s National Student Advertising Competition team, an avid lacrosse fan and a student worker in the Office of Admission for five years. He loves Chapman University and hopes to help prospective students realize their own academic ambitions. 

Advice from Chris

If you are a prospective student, take the reins when it comes to reaching out to counselors, scheduling tours, asking questions at college fairs and determining which college is right for you. When students are responsible and accountable for their college search, they feel ownership over their decisions and can start college off on the right foot. You're the one going to college so you get the privilege of doing the "heavy lifting."

Chris' favorite spot on campus

I couldn’t pick one spot if I tried! Every spot on campus holds awesome memories from both my undergrad and grad years. From the Lastinger Athletic Complex where I rushed the field more than once after big Lacrosse wins to Memorial Hall where I did my first stand-up performance to a packed house, every part of campus is special to me.

Chris’ best admission memory: 

I was a tour guide for five years through my undergrad and grad years. I think that’s some kind of record for our office. Giving tours was always my favorite role in the office. I loved being outside and talking with students and their families about why I love Chapman and all the opportunities here. Later, I had a lot of students come up to me who had been accepted and had enrolled and remembered that I had given them their tour. It was unreal hearing them quote jokes from my tour back to me!

Chris' best college memory

I’ve had several life-defining moments while attending Chapman, but one of the best came at the tail end of my senior year. I was an account director for Chapman’s National Student Advertising Competition team and I helped lead us to a regional championship against some big-name southern california schools. We worked ourselves to the bone for over a year and spent a lot of sleepless nights on campus developing our campaign. Hearing our school’s name called for first place at the regional competition was one of the great moments in my academic career. We went off like fireworks.

From Our Application - Fast Facts

3 Words to Describe Myself: Patient, Silly, Honest

Favorite Subject: Psychology

Role Model: My parents

Favorite Musical Performer/Band/Composer: Thrice

Most Prized Possession: My sense of humor

Book you would read again: World War Z

Favorite Summer Activity: Beach day!

Best Movie of All Time: Cast Away

Favorite Quote (and by whom): "Where is fancy bred? In the heart or in the head?" – Willy Wonka

Dream Job: Being Batman

Chris Helvajian