» Women, Art, and Power

  • Pilar Valenzuela: Translation project (Shipibo women, culture, art, and business)
  • Micol Hebron: Symposium on feminism and contemporary culture
  • Anna Leahy: Poetry, gender, and race in the work of U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, (in conjunction with art historian Debora Rindge.)
  • Joanna Levin: Monograph project: American Women Writers in Bohemia; Book chapter on poetry and female bohemianism for a Cambridge University Press volume, A History of Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry.
  • Lynda Hall: Monograph project: Settling, Speculating, and Superfluous Women: Tracing Value in Jane Austen’s Novels; Journal article: “The Modern Protagonist and the Modern Woman: Breadwinners in Minor Roles.”

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+ - Research projects

a. Age and Power

b. Shipibo Women (Art, business & Shamans)

c. Minorness and a Woman’s Place

d. Bohemian Women

e. Feminism in Contemporary Culture

f.  Poetry, Gender, and Race

g. Feminist Pedagogies

+ - Grants/funding

a. NEA

b. NEH

c. Poets and Writers

d. Chawton House Library Visiting Fellowships

+ - Research students

a. Students will participate in translation project in order to record the Shipibo women’s stories first into Spanish and then into English

b. Students will participate in both the planning and presentations for the Feminism and Contemporary Culture Symposium