Sandhu Residence Center
Sandhu Residence Center is home to our sophomore Living Learning Communities.

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Sandhu Residence Center is the newest addition to the residential communities at Chapman. Room configurations include both traditional residence hall rooms, as well as residence hall suites. The traditional rooms are available in single and double layouts, while the residence hall suites have two and four bedroom options that include a common sink and countertop area, and a space for a small refrigerator.

+ - Room Amenities

  • Twin extra-long bed for each resident
  • Dresser for each resident
  • Desk and desk chair for each resident
  • 1 bathroom (designed singles share adjoining bathroom with attached room); never more than 2 people share a bathroom
  • A/C & Heater
  • Common room and sink (in suites)
  • Ethernet connections; wireless internet throughout building
  • Phone jacks
To learn more about what you should bring with you to your Chapman room, visit Moving In.

+ - Building Features

  • Six Living-Learning Communities with related lounges
  • Laundry on every floor
  • Trash/recycling facilities on every floor
  • Semi-private study rooms on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors
  • Two elevators, stairwells on ends of building

+ - Sandhu Residence Center Staff 2015-2016

Resident Director
 RA Lori Shepherd
Lori Shepherd
Sandhu RA
Rooms 101-120
RA Alliyah Thomas 
Alliyah Thomas
Sandhu RA
Rooms 121-133
RA Sohini Mukherjee
Sohini Mukherjee

Sandhu RA
Rooms 201-222
RA Chris Reid
Chris Reid
Sandhu RA
Rooms 223-235
RA Eric Kimura
Eric Kimura
Sandhu RA
Rooms 301-323
RA Kristin Robbio
Kristin Robbio
Sandhu RA
Rooms 324-336
RA Eric Colonna
Eric Colonna
Lead Sandhu RA
Rooms 401-417
RA Nick Markham
Nick Markham
Sandhu RA
Rooms 418-426
Sandhu Pictures
Sandhu suite schematics

Sandhu Room Layouts

Click here to view a PDF of our room layouts.

Reserve a Room

Are you interested in reserving a Sandhu lounge for a club/organization meeting or event? Please email the details of your request to

Sandhu Residence Center Facts

Built: 2009

Named for Mohindar S. "Sandy" Sandhu and Harriet Sandhu

Available for continuing undergraduate students

Hall Office: (714) 516-6118
Hall Office Hours: 4 PM - 12 AM
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