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photo of Annabell Liao
Annabell Liao
Class of 2017
As SGA President, Annabell represents the student voice and advocates for student needs to administrators, senior staff, and other members of the Chapman community. She oversees the Executive Council and ensures the quality and effectives of SGA as a whole.
Annabell is a senior Creative Producing major from Los Angeles, CA.
She works as a program assistant for Cross-Cultural Engagement and is involved in Chapman Diversity Project's Physical Space Taskforce.
"Something I appreciate about Chapman is that the university actively seeks to grow, and there are several opportunities for students to provide input on that development. Everyone's voice matters in this community. You don't have to be on SGA to speak up and help Chapman become the best it can be - but feel free to shoot me an email if you don't know where to start."
photo of Tyler Porterfield
Tyler Porterfield
Class of 2017
As SGA Vice President, Tyler advocates for the student body along with the SGA President. She maintains communication between Executive Council and the Senate by working closely with Speaker of Senate and oversees the Constitutional Review Committee.
Tyler is a Public Relations and Advertising major and dance minor from Vail, Colorado.
She works as a Tour Guide in the Office of Admission, is a member of Gamma Phi Beta and the black student union.
"Chapman collects and attracts the most incredible people. I am inspired by the people around me as I continue to seek new challenges and opportunities. As a part of SGA, I want to give back to the school and the students to have made my last 3 years to impactful."
photo of Mady Dewey
Mady Dewey
Director of Public Relations
Class of 2018
As the Director of Public Relations, Mady oversees all communication matters involving SGA including website maintenance, contact with senators, the student body, and other departments on campus.
Mady is a Public Relations and Advertising Major and Journalism Minor from Santa Clarita, CA.
She is involved as a campus tour guide, Chapman Ambassador, a member of Gamma Phi Beta and is on the Chapman Cheer team.
"I love Chapman because of the student body. We really are a community comprised of uniquely driven individuals. Not only do the students care about each other, but the faculty genuinely care as well. Being able to have such a strong relationship with the entire Chapman family allows for us to make positive changes and grow together."
Office Hours: M/W 8-10 a.m.
no photo available for James Hart
James Hart
Director of Finance
Class of 2017
As the director of finance, James oversees the finances of all SGA funds. He serves as an ex-officio member of the Senate Allocations Committee, updates and maintains all SGA funds, and processes check requests from campus clubs and organizations.
James is an Accounting Major from Stevenson Ranch, CA.
He is the Phikeia Educator for the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as well as a member of the Accounting Society.
“I love Chapman because of its great students and excellent staff. Chapman provides a wonderful and nurturing environment for young adults to learn not only about their chosen field of study, but also themselves and what it means to be a Global Citizen.”