» Dr. Mary R. Kennedy

College of Educational Studies
Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders
Dr. Mary R. Kennedy
California State University, Fullerton, Bachelor of Arts
California State University, Fullerton, Master of Arts
University of Washington, Ph.D.


  • Adult language & cognitive disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Cognitive rehabilitation and brain injury


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Research Activities

  • Executive functions and metacognition after brain injury: We investigate the intersection of these higher cortical process with memory & language
  • Evidence-based Practice: We conduct systematic reviews and critique the research on cognitive rehabilitation for individuals with brain injury, and create recommendations

Professional Activities

  • President-Elect: Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS) , 2006 - 2008
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Speech, Language, & Hearing Research , 2006- - present
  • Chair: Practice Guidelines Writing Committee on Cognitive-Communication After Traumatic Brain Injury (ANCDS) , 2001 - present
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, UMN , 2005 - present
  • Associate member: The Center for Cognitive Sciences, University of Minnesota , 1999
  • Member: Brain Injury Association of Minnesota , 1998 - present
  • Member: American Speech, Language, & Hearing Association , 1980 - present


  • Service Learning Faculty Fellowship Award, 2004 - 2005