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College of Performing Arts; Department of Dance
Holly Johnston
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Partridge Dance Center

Holly Johnston is a  dance artist, choreographer and movement researcher who has received critical acclaim for making “primal, vulnerable dance that grabs for your soul.”- San Francisco Chronicle.  Holly is the artistic director of LEDGES AND BONES, a contemporary dance company working from within the Los Angeles and San Francisco communities. Holly’s choreography has been performed in New York, Philadelphia, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Florida and throughout California. Holly has received awards from The Maggie Alesse National Center for Choreography, The Zellerbach Foundation, The Joyce Theater A.W.A.R.D.S. Show Grant/Los Angeles and the Lester Horton Awards for Outstanding Performance for her solo "experiment one". She was named by Dance Magazine as one of their “25 to Watch” in 2007 and recognized by the Los Angeles Times for “her ability to turn the body into a dangerous machine.” Holly contributes to the field of dance as a practice based researcher cultivating knowledge through movement using her "thought-body" as communicator with emergent artists and professionals through choreographic commissions and residencies in colleges and universities around the United States and abroad. She is currently working through her MFA in Choreography at Jacksonville University focused on evolving her multidisciplinary research in philosophy, epistemology, ontology, choreology and movement sciences. Her studies have led to meaningful engagement with western-classical dance revolutionary Alonzo King and systems theorist-choreographer-philosopher Michael Klien. She has served as part-time faculty for several academic institutions in Southern California, including CSULB, Loyola Marymount University, UC Irvine and many others, while at LMU she served as a Visiting Assistant Professor from 2011-2012. She is the creator of a specialized somatic approach she calls Integrated Human Action, and works with individuals to re-calibrate and re-ignite the body-mind’s limitless potential. She has worked with innovative dance makers Stephanie Gilliland, Maria Gillespie, Rosanna Gamson and Stephanie Nugent. Holly has been an artist in residence at ODC Theater/SF, SCUBA Touring Artist,  2012 Maggie Allesse National Center for Choreography-Choreographic Fellow and Guest Artist for Transformation Danse in Montreal, Quebec.  She works actively as a choreographer, performer, movement researcher and educator.