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College of Educational Studies
Dr. Dianne L. Ferguson
Office Location:
Reeves Hall 3D
Indiana University - Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts
Southern Connecticut State University, Master of Science
Syracuse University, Ph.D.

Dianne L. Ferguson is a Professor and Director of Program Improvement and Accreditation at Chapman University. She brings expertise and experience in the areas school reform, inclusive practices, teacher education, families and disability studies. She is experienced at preparing teachers, and designing systems and approaches that support and sustain ongoing school improvement efforts that are inclusive of very diverse groups of children, youth, and their families. She is an experienced teacher educator and has developed innovative designs for both initial and continuing teacher education. As a parent of a young man with significant disabilities, she has worked with families, schools, and service systems.  She is currently on the board a nonprofit organization that provides self-directed support services to adults with disabilities in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Ferguson has taught classes and provided consultation for general and special educators in Canada, Iceland (as a Fulbright Scholar), Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark (also as a Fulbright Scholar), New Zealand, and India, as well as numerous states in the U.S. Her areas of interest and expertise include issues and strategies for school inclusion for students with disabilities, family experience and the relationships between school personnel and families, administrator and teacher support for licensure and professional development and collaboration, and use of interpretivist research methods in education. She has served as a college administrator and consultant on higher education reform in education, teacher education reform, licensure reform, and ongoing assessment of teacher quality. Dr. Ferguson has published widely, is the author or co-editor of seven books and serves as an Associate Editor or on the Editorial Board of four professional journals.

Recent Publications:

Tetler, S., Ferguson, D.L., Baltzer, K., and Boye, C. (2011). Inkluderet I skolens læringsfællesskab? En fortløbende problemidentifikations – og løsningsstrategi. Copenhagen, Denmark: Dafolo Press.

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