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Gambling Law (2-3 units)
This course covers the law and policy of regulating gambling, one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry. The course will examine the history and current development of, as well as possible future changes to, gambling regulation in California, the United States, and other parts of the world. Topics discussed will include casino gambling, lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering, sports-betting, Indian gaming, and Internet gambling.

Music Law (3 units)
This course will explore the legal and business aspects of the Music Business through an examination of the key agreements in an artist's career: recording, music publishing, touring, merchandising, management and other important areas. Recent case law and emerging business models will be examined from the perspective of the artist and the parties with whom they do business. (Prerequisite: Entertainment Law, or Copyright, or with Professor's permission)

Water Law (2 units)
This course examines legal controls on a scarce natural resource that is essential to human life and economic development. Topics include the prior appropriation doctrine; riparian water rights; groundwater; the public trust doctrine; federal and Indian reserved water rights; water development and distribution; the relationship between water and economic development; water quality; government regulation; and the role of interested groups in water policy.

Mergers and Acquisitions (3 units)
This course will operate largely as an interactive seminar, built around "hands on" negotiating and drafting experience in a hypothetical merger and acquisition transaction. The first part of the course will cover various topics that are important to M&A transactions, including directors' duties, shareholder voting and dissenters' rights, Federal securities laws, income taxation and accounting, valuation, and trade regulation. Then the course will analyze the primary forms of acquisition (merger, sale of assets, sale of stock), and the basic differences between M&A transactions involving public and private corporations. The remainder of the course will focus upon the M&A case studies, including extensive participation, in teams of "buyers" and "sellers", in the negotiating and drafting process in a typical M&A transaction.

Mediation (3 units)
This course focuses on different theories and approaches to mediation. Mediation is gaining in importance as a mechanism for parties to heal differences without the expense and trauma of litigation. The competent practitioner should understand how mediation works and how to represent clients effectively in a mediation setting. Students in this course have an opportunity to function as both advocates and mediators, using a variety of techniques to resolve disputes.

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