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photo of Danielle Bliss
Danielle Bliss
Box Office Coordinator
Moulton Hall 104A
Danielle Bliss has been working with the performing arts since 2008, and feels most at home in that creative environment. She is an alumna of California State University Fullerton as a Communications major, a concentration that has helped her grow and thrive in the theater. Prior to her employment at Chapman University, she worked as an Assistant Manager at The Laguna Playhouse where she realized her passion for supporting the performing arts.
Danielle grew up in a very creative environment, which has really helped pave her path to her professional life at Chapman. Having two parents in the arts—one a college professor, the other a professional photographer--it was only natural to live a life steeped in arts and music. Danielle played piano for about 4 years, flute for 8 years, and has been in love with photography since she was a small child.