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Phi Alpha Delta at Chapman Law
Chapman University Fowler School of Law boasts an impressive array of student organizations that offer the best combination of camaraderie and legal exploration. Learn more below.

+ - Cultural Law Societies

Chapman University Fowler School of Law students maintain several cultural law societies that help keep diversity both in ideas and people at the forefront of discussion. Learn more about the cultural law societies at Chapman.

+ - Legal Fraternities

Legal fraternity chapters at The Fowler School of Law offer excellent networking opportunities along with camaraderie and support. Learn more about the legal fraternities and see if a Chapman chapter fits you.

+ - Philosophy of Law Societies

The Fowler School of Law supports the continuous study of all interpretations of the Constitution and the law. Organizations on campus help keep the discussion fresh by bringing in speakers and holding debates on a myriad of subjects in various areas of the law. Learn more about the Philosophy of Law Societies at Chapman.

+ - Practice Area Societies

Network with students and the speakers they bring in that share the same legal interests as you. Learn more about an area of law you have considered practicing, or discover a new one. Learn more about the Practice Area Societies at Chapman.

+ - Professional Organizations

Student-based professional organizations provide opportunities for students to meet potential future employers and network with sitting judges, practicing attorneys and other legal professionals in areas targeted to their areas of interest. Learn more 

+ - Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is a multi-functional organization. First the SBA Board serves as a liaison between the student body and administration and faculty. To facilitate this communication and to address student-specific needs, board members serve on several committees. The SBA is also responsible for funding student activities and organizations. Finally, the SBA Board provides social opportunities for students at several school-wide functions annually.

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The Honor Council

The Honor Council's goal is to promote academic integrity at the law school and to enforce the Honor Code. Learn more about the Honor Council


Learn more about the competition teams at Chapman.

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