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Diversity and Inclusion

» Who We Are

To get a real understanding of the diversity at Chapman, you need to get to know the individuals that walk the hallways of our campus, and the many identities that each hold. The way we name ourselves matters, and there are countless ways that Chapman community members identify who they are. Each student, faculty and staff member at Chapman brings with them a unique story and background which adds to the Chapman experience. Learn a little more about us.

Student Stories »

tonicia williams Hugo Flores brittany Deneau
Tonicia Williams Hugo Flores Brittany Deneau
Ovidio Sanchez Lotus Thai
Ovidio Sanchez Lotus Thai  

Faculty Perspectives »

art blaser stephanie takaragawa kelli fuery Anaida Colon-Muniz
Arthur Blaser Stephanie Takaragawa Kelli Fuery Anaida Colon-Muniz
suzanne soohoo Sally Rubin Naveen Jonathan
Suzanne SooHoo Sally Rubin Naveen Jonathan

Staff Perspectives »

leti wyatt Justin Koppelman Susan Sams
Leticia Romo Justin Koppelman Susan Sams
Maria Contreras Nancy Brink Sahzeah Babylon
Maria Contreras Nancy Brink
Sahzeah Babylon