About the Symposium

We are pleased to announce the third annual Cirque du Soleil Entertainment and Technology Symposium at Chapman University. Our goal when designing this symposium was to provide students, faculty, staff and administrators from Chapman University and surrounding universities and this year, selected high schools the extraordinary opportunity to interface with Cirque du Soleil professionals and their industry partners. The purpose of the symposium is to promote the development of forward thinking curriculum and the collaboration between the performer and technician through master classes in a variety of disciplines. We look forward to another highly successful event that will serve to promote artistic creativity and collaboration within our community.

Professor Alicia Guy
Professor Don Guy

Contact Information

Cirque du Soleil Symposium Event Line: 714.744.7924

Alicia Guy, Co-Director
Associate Professor
Department of Dance
College of Performing Arts
Chapman University
Don Guy, Co-Director
Head of Entertainment Technology
Assistant Professor of Theatre
College of Performing Arts
Chapman University