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The Paulo Freire Democratic Project (PFDP) is a collection of local, regional and international initiatives based out of Chapman Paulo FreireUniversity’s College of Education Studies. These initiatives reflect the political, pedagogical and ethical imperatives of the great Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire, and captures his democratic struggle for social justice.

Statement of Solidarity

The Paulo Freire Democratic Project stands firmly and unwaveringly in solidarity with all communities currently targeted by the Trump administration, including Muslims, immigrants and refugees, First peoples, Mexican and Latinx communities, and LGBTQIA communities. We are outraged by and denounce in the strongest of terms the executive orders denying entry to travelers from seven majority Muslim countries, the barring of entrance to refugees from Syria, and the increased measures to round up and deport undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Our mission is to contribute to paving a path toward a more socially just world, one in which the best of our humanity is affirmed and life is guided by a profound love and respect for all life forms. Through teaching, writing, community organizing and international and community outreach, we are working to support the development of a language of critique and possibility, where we learn to name oppression, understand its role in capitalist relations, and become actors of history.

PFDP is committed to the development of resources that can assist individuals, groups and collectives in their various efforts to improve their schools and communities and strengthen the democratic practices of state and federal governments. These resources are philosophical, theoretical, pedagogical, policy-based and organizational. The PFDP board are professors in the College of Educational Studies at Chapman University who are former teachers and administrators and who work locally and internationally in the fields of curriculum, bilingual education, critical pedagogy and leadership education.

Actor, Edward James Olmos with Paulo Freire statue at Chapman University

Actor, Edward James Olmos, with the Paulo Freire statue at Chapman University

We work with affiliated scholars, public intellectuals, researchers, policy makers, community activists, teachers, artists, administrators, \ and student organizations to initiate, advance and support progressive agendas. These include teacher workshops, community activities, symposia, national and international conferences, research projects, and publications that address the most urgent themes of our time: e.g. ecocide, poverty, educational inequality, racism, homophobia, sexism and assaults on human rights.

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