» Program Improvement System of the College of Educational Studies (PISCES)

PICSES PROCESSING LOGOProgram Improvement System of the College of Educational Studies (PISCES) is designed to be a fully articulated system, and we are currently in the process of assessing that articulation as we use the system. The CES faculty designed PISCES together and are continuing to assess its effectiveness in assuring student learning and program improvement.

We collect, compile, analyze and use data across all areas of review annually. We track data on all students in terms of their achievement, their status in the program (e.g., in good standing, in need of support, not in good standing). All students are asked to provide their perceptions of the guidance; advising and support; and the quality of the program in terms of their learning and career goals. We examine course quality through the typical curriculum processes, the peer reviews of faculty instruction and end-of-semester interview feedback from students.

We intentionally “audit” the system every year in our PISCES Annual Report and the subsequent use of that report to both improve our program areas, and our “quality control system.”  We believe this iterative annual process and the feedback obtained from various external reviewers will help us continue to improve both our programs and PISCES.

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