Students working with a volunteer patient
Students working with a volunteer patient

» Clinical Education

Clinical Education is the portion of the student’s professional education which involves practice and application of classroom knowledge and skills for on‐the‐job responsibilities. This occurs at a variety of centers and includes experience in evaluation, patient care, administration, teaching and supervision. It is a participatory experience with limited time spent in observation.

The clinical education program in the Department is overseen, coordinated, and developed by the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) and at the affiliating facilities by the Center Clinical Coordinator of Education (CCCE). Each student will have one or more Clinical Instructor (CI) who is directly responsible for supervision of the student at each clinical experience.

The program has two basic types of clinical education experiences – the pre‐clinical experience and the clinical affiliation. The Pre‐clinical experiences are designed to provide each student with an introduction to clinical practice in physical therapy and occur in semesters 3 and 4. Each student is required to complete long‐term clinical experiences during which entry‐level or near entry‐level competence in physical therapy is eventually attained. These experiences occur in semesters 5, 7 and 9. The opportunity exists for the student to develop an internship specific to his or her desire or needs resulting in a major project in addition to patient care responsibilities. These special internships will be referred to as a contractual. The terms “clinical experiences”, and "affiliation" will be used interchangeably in this document. Internship is defined as those experiences which occur after all didactic study has been completed. Chapman University students affiliate year round.

+ - Chapman-CIME Physical Therapy Internship Program

The Chapman Physical Therapy Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) International Internship Program in Costa Rica is a 10-12 week program offered in collaboration with the Center for International Multidisciplinary Education (CIME) consisting of language instruction and cultural activities and independent supervised internship work in Physical Therapy.  Chapman University DPT students may elect to participate in the CIME-Chapman Internship Program as their final practicum.  It is divided into two blocks: an initial 4 week period in San Jose, Costa Rica and a 6-8 week internship period in a location within Costa Rica. Throughout both blocks of the program, students stay with Costa Rican host families.

+ - Developing a Clinical Partnership

As a potential Clinical Partner, we welcome your clinical experience and support in the education of our DPT students. Our Director of Clinical Education is Dorcas Tominaga (  Please feel free to contact her directly for answers to your questions.

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