» Dr. Erik Linstead
Assistant Professor

Schmid College of Science and Technology; Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Erik Linstead
Office Location:
Becket Building 208
Chapman University, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Stanford University, Master of Science in Computer Science
University of California, Irvine, Ph.D. in Computer Science

Currently serving as Schmid College Director of Undergraduate Computing Programs.

Research Interests

My research, in one way or another, is centered on machine learning and information retrieval.  Most of my work has involved adapting and applying these techniques to the software engineering domain and bio/chemicalinformatics.  I collaborate closely with the Baldi lab at UCI.

Research Group

I enjoy collaborating with ambitious and enthusiastic undergraduates who are eager to perform original research.

I'm a firm believer in allowing undergrads to co-author research papers with me, and have had several papers published with my advisees.  My students include:

Lindsey Hughes (graduated 2010, now a grad student at UCI)Sarah MaurerJoseph Smith (graduated 2010, now at Google)Elizabeth StevensMatthew Strand (graduated 2010, now a grad student at UCI)Robert Duncan (UCI. graduated 2010, now a grad student at CMU)

  • E. Linstead, L. Hughes, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Information-Theoretic Metrics for Project-Level
  • Scattering and Tangling.  International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge
  • Engineering (SEKE).  Redwood City, CA.  July, 2010.
  • E. Linstead, P. Baldi.  Mining the Coherence of GNOME Bug Reports with Statistical Topic Models.
  • MSR 2009: Proceedings of the Sixth Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories.
  • Vancouver, BC.  May 2009.
  • J. Ossher, S. Bajracharya, E. Linstead, P. Baldi, C. Lopes.  SourcererDB: An Aggregated Repository
  • Of Statically Analyzed and Cross-Linked Open Source Java Projects.  Proceedings of the Sixth Working
  • Conference on Mining Software Repositories.  Vancouver, BC.  May 2009.
  • E. Linstead, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  An Application of Latent Dirichlet Allocation to Analyzing Software
  • Evolution.  Proceedings of ICMLA 2008:  International Conference on Machine Learning and
  • Applications.  San Diego, CA.  December 2008.
  • P. Baldi*, C. Lopes*, E. Linstead*, S. Bajracharya.  A Theory of Aspects as Latent Topics.
  • OOPSLA 2008.  Nashville, TN. October 2008.
  • E. Linstead, P. Rigor, S. Bajracharya, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Mining Internet-Scale Software
  • Repositories.  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS*2007)
  • March 2008.
  • E. Linstead, P. Rigor, S. Bajracharya, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Mining Concepts from Code with
  • Probabilistic Topic Models.  Proceedings of ASE 2007: International Conference on Automated
  • Software Engineering. Atlanta, GA. November 2007.


  • E. Linstead, L. Hughes, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Software Analysis with Unsupervised Topic Models.
  • NIPS Workshop on Application of Topic Models: Text and Beyond.  Neural Information
  • Processing Systems (NIPS 2009).  Whistler, B.C. December 2009.
  • E. Linstead, L. Hughes, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Exploring Java Software Vocabulary: A Search and
  • Mining Perspective.  Proceedings of SUITE 2009:  First International Conference on Search-Driven
  • Development – Users, Interfaces, Tools, and Environments.  Vancouver, BC.  May 2009.
  • E. Linstead, P. Rigor, S. Bajracharya, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Mining Eclipse Developer Contributions via
  • Author-Topic Models.  Fourth International Workshop on Mining Software Repositories. Minneapolis,
  • MN. May 2007.  (Voted best paper, MSR "Scale" Challenge).


  • Strand, M., Hughes, L., Duncan, R., Smith, J., Linstead, E.  "An Eclipse Plug-in For Enforcing Java Naming Conventions."
  • 41st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, SIGCSE 2010.
  • Milwaukee, WI.  March, 2010.
  • L. Hughes, P. Baldi, E. Linstead.  The Evolution of Concerns, Scattering, and Tangling in Eclipse and
  • ArgoUML.  Third International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement.
  • Lake Buena Vista, FL.  October, 2009.
  • E. Linstead, L. Hughes, C. Lopes, P. Baldi.  Capturing Java Naming Conventions with First-Order Markov Models.
  • ICPC 2009: Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Conference on Program Comprehension.
  • Vancouver, BC.  May 2009.
  • S. Bajracharya, T. Ngo, E. Linstead, Y. Dou, P. Rigor, P. Baldi & C. Lopes.  Sourcerer: A Search Engine for Open
  • Source Code Supporting Structure-Based Search.  OOPSLA '06 Poster Session.  Portland, OR. October 2006.
  • Technical Report:
  • S. Bajracharya, T. Ngo, E. Linstead, P. Rigor, Y. Dou, P. Baldi & C. Lopes.  A Study of Ranking Schemes in
  • Internet-Scale Code Search.  UCI ISR Technical Report # UCI-ISR-07-8. Nov. 2007
  • Recent Invited Talks:
  • Searching and Mining Internet-Scale Software Repositories.
  • AI and Machine Learning Seminar.  Dept. of Computer Science.  UCI.  November 10, 2008.
  • Google Tech Talk.  Irvine, CA.  May 9th, 2008.
  • Chapman University Computer Science Forum.  Orange, CA.  November 15, 2007.


  • CPSC 229: C/C++ Programming (Fall 2004)
  • CPSC 229: Intermediate OO Programming (Interterm 2010)
  • CPSC 230: Computer Science I (Fall 2010)
  • CPSC 231: Computer Science II (Spring 2010, Fall 2010)
  • CPSC 252: Computer Architecture I (Spring 2004)
  • CPSC 285: Social Issues in Computing (Spring 2005, Fall 2009)
  • CPSC 350: Data Structures (Fall 2003, Fall 2008, Fall 2010)
  • CPSC 360: Computer Graphics (Interterm 2005, Interterm 2007, Interterm 2009)
  • CPSC 370: Data Mining (Spring 2008)
  • CPSC 370: Advanced OO Programming (Interterm 2010)
  • CPSC 390: Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2003, Spring 2010)
  • CPSC 406: Algorithm Analysis (Spring 2009)
  • CPSC 408: Database Systems (Fall 2010)
  • CPSC 499: Individual Research (Interterm 2009, Spring 2009, Summer 2009, Fall 2009)

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • Association for Computing Machinery (Senior Member)
  • Special Interest Groups on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science Education, and
  • Knowledge Discovery in Data
  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
  • Reviewer: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
PC Member: SUITE 2010
Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
Linstead, E., Burns, R., Nguyen, D., Tyler, D. “AMP: A Platform for Managing and Mining Data in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.” International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC). Lake Buena Vista, FL. August, 2016.
Linstead, E.. Dixon, D., Granpeesheh, D., French, R., German, R., Stevens, E. “Intensity and Learning Outcomes in the Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Journal of Behavior Modification. 2016.
Dixon, D., Linstead, E., Granpeesheh, D., French, R., Stevens, E., Stevens, L., Novack, M., Powell, A. “An evaluation of the impact of supervision intensity, supervisor qualifications, and caseload on outcomes in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.” Behavior Analysis in Practice. June 2016.
Linstead, E., German, R., Dixon, D., Granpeesheh, D, Powell, A., Novack, M. “An Application of Neural Networks to Predicting Mastery of Learning Outcomes in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.” International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications. Miami, FL. December 2015.
Arbuckle, C., Greenberg, M., Linstead, E. “Detection and Tracking of T Cells in Time Lapse Imaging.” ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (BCB). Atlanta, GA. September 2015.