Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Preparing students for a creative life in the film and media arts

Story Comes First

The experienced professors at Dodge College have learned through decades of industry experience that when making films, producing a TV show or a newscast, or creating messages for a business, story is king. By working with students to perfect their screenplays, edit their documentaries or fine tune a PR campaign, they are setting them up to successfully tell their stories for whatever audience they wish to influence.

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Google+Welcome to Dodge College of Film and Media arts, one of the premier film schools in the country. We offer a complete array of undergraduate and graduate degrees for students interested in all facets of film and media arts. With a state-of-the-art facility open to you 24/7, accomplished faculty with a combined filmography of more than 300 feature films, a hands-on learning environment, international travel opportunities, one-of-a-kind internships, a solid alumni network and synergy across all programs, your opportunities at Dodge College are endless.

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