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+ - American Multicultural Publications

American Multicultural Publications is a leading distributor of books designed for multicultural education in schools, as well as for individuals exploring cultural diversity in American history. They are an important resource for ethnic studies, cultural diversity education, multicultural curriculum and learning American history, culture, society and traditions.

+ - American-Arab Discrimination Committee

The American-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) is a grassroots civil rights organization that welcomes people of all backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities as members. It produces resources and lesson plans directed at educating people about Arabs and Arab Americans. Many of these materials are directed specifically at middle and high school students, and include lessons on discrimination and stereotyping. There also is a bibliography on the site.

+ - Arab World and Islamic Resources

AWAIRonline provides instructional materials and services to educators who wish to teach about the Arab World and Islam from elementary to the pre-college level. This includes free staff development programs for school districts and the Arab World Studies Notebook which includes 102 pages of duplicate masters including: essays, readings, lesson plans and other resources. It covers such topics as Muslims worldwide, Jerusalem, colonial legacy, the U.S. & the Arab World, oil, the Gulf War, and the question of Palestine.

+ - A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam

The guide is is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran). It includes information, references, bibliography and illustrations.

+ - Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation

Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation (CMEF) is a non-profit volunteer society founded by a group of educators, communicators and advocates for multiculturism and human rights. It fosters and develops community education activities in collaboration with a number of other Canadian organizations focused upon multicultural and intercultural education.

+ - CanTeach: Promoting Multiculturality

CanTeach assists teachers to find resources online. The site places an emphasis upon lesson plans, resources and links that have a Canadian focus. Even so, American global educators will find this a site worth visiting. The multiculturality site has links to a number of other Canadian programs focused upon multicultural education.

+ - Center for Multicultural Education

The Center for Multicultural Education at the University of Washington, Seattle is directed by James Banks and focuses on research projects and activities designed to improve practice related to equity issues, intergroup relations, and the achievement of all students. The center also engages in services and teaching related to its research mission. The site features publications and other resources, descriptions of successful multicultural k-12 programs, and links to other multicultural education programs.

+ - The Council on American-Islamic Relations

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. CAIR's mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

+ - Dar al Islam

Dar al Islam develops programs that build bridges. They fall into two groups: those reaching non-Muslims and those bringing Muslims together. In terms of the former, the organization sponsors teacher institutes, workshops for educators, and a speaker’s bureau for schools and other groups. In addition, it provides written materials for use in classrooms.

+ - Diversity Database, University of Maryland

The University of Maryland’s Diversity Database is a comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources. This includes: general diversity resources (e.g., arts, conferences, media, websites, full-text readings, curricula, etc.) issue specific resources, institutional diversity plans, and diversity reference resources (e.g., definitions and policies).

+ -

The Diversity Store is a for-profit organization. Among other things, it sells instructional materials that can be use in multicultural education programs. Products include posters, books, videos, flags, calendars, and other articles that focus upon various ethnic groups – e.g., Black History Month, Irish American Heritage Month, Asian/Pacific Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month, and so forth.

+ - East West Discovery Press

East West Discovery Press is an independent publisher and distributor of multicultural and bilingual books in 50+ languages including Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Panjabi, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese, etc. Featured award winning titles include “Thomas the T. rex,” “Relativity,” “Half Spoon of Rice,” and “Mei Ling in China City.”

+ - EmTech Technologies – Multicultural Education

EmTech Technologies has organized more than 15,000 resources by topics for teachers, students and parents. In terms of multicultural education, there are approximately 125 links organized into several categories: general links, African and African-American, Armenian American, and Asian and Asian Americans. A good online resource for student research.

+ - Friends of Morocco

Friends of Morocco is an organization of Americans, mostly returned Peace Corps volunteers, with experience in Morocco and Moroccans in American united with an interest in promoting educational, cultural, charitable, social literary and scientific exchange between Morocco and the United States of America. The site offers a variety of links that provide information about Islam and the Arab world.

+ - Intercultural Communication Institute

The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) offers resources for intercultural, cross-cultural, multicultural, international, diversity training and education. ICI also offers a summer institute focused upon the development of intercultural communication, Master of Arts and certificate programs in Intercultural Communication, and a number of inventories that can be use to measure intercultural climates in organizations, including schools.

+ - International Association for Intercultural Education

International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) brings together professional educators interested in diversity and equity issues in education. This is defined quite broadly, and includes intercultural education, multi-cultural education, anti-racist education, human rights education, conflict-resolution, multilingualism, etc. The IAIE brings together both academics and classroom teachers from a variety of disciplines by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences, and through the publication of the academic journal Intercultural Education.

+ - Katimavik

Katimavik offers young Canadian men and women aged 17 to 21 an opportunity to acquire valuable personal and professional skills through an alternative education program. The program is based on the concept of service learning—learning through volunteer work on community projects to which participants make a significant contribution. For nine months, participants live in mixed groups of 11 francophones and anglophones originating from all regions of Canada.

+ - Korean Culture Center of Los Angeles

The Korean Culture Center of Los Angeles (KCCLA) is operated by the Korean government’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism to provide insights into the rich cultural heritage of Korea. It offers a summer seminar on Korean History and Culture for Middle and High School Teachers. The seminar includes presentations by prominent scholars as well as learning about teaching resources and directly experiencing Korean art, food and other cultural aspects.

+ - Minnesota Independent School Forum

Minnesota Independent School Forum (MISF) is committed to the creation of a truly democratic, pluralistic society that embraces the diversity and interconnectedness of all people. To this end, it fosters the development of inclusive, equitable school communities. It sponsors a Multicultural Education Resource Center that describes multicultural schools and gives examples of those in operation, describes multicultural curricula and curriculum models and provides links to other state and national organizations that provide multicultural materials for schools and teachers including technology resources.

+ - Multicultural Book Review Homepage

The Multicultural Book Review website features a collection of concise reviews by educators of multicultural literature suitable for use in K-12 classrooms. The site solicits reviews from interested educators and has links to other multicultural education resources for teachers.

+ - Multicultural Education Internet Resource Guide

This guide of over 50 websites was created by Dr. Jon Reyhner at Northern Arizona University to assists multicultural educators in locating educational resources on the internet. This is a very helpful resource for teachers interested in locating multicultural education resources.
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