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Art majors are encouraged to intern as often as they are able. The students partner with the Career and Professional Development and a Department of Art faculty member as they work. Internship locations include photography studios, arts councils, galleries, museums, artist studios and industries that support the arts. Check back often for updates.

+ - 2011 - Present

FALL 2014

Dylan Trumbull (2014), Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA - Fall 2013 & Spring 2014, Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Interterm 2014 & Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, IT, Summer 2014

Casey Wyman (2014) Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, IT,

Julie Russo (2014) Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Interterm 2014

Madeline Lucas (2017) Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Interterm 2014

Monica Beyon (2017) Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Interterm 2014

Kendyll Bieze (2014) Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Interterm 2014


Dylan Trumbull, Gagosian Gallery

Kristi Underwood, Wharton & Espinosa Gallery

Haley Morton, CDS Office Products

Angela Chilberg, Wharton & Espinosa Gallery

Kellan Shanahan, Long Beach Public Art program.

Ethan Young, Blitz Agency

FALL 2012

Teal Thomsen, Kopeikin Gallery

Amanda Teng, Q Art Salon, Santa Ana

Aja Clum, Cherry and Martin Gallery

Kendyll Bieze, Cherry and Martin Gallery

Sarah Waldorf - Getty Institution Research at the Getty Center


Tyler Park, Francois Ghebaly

Maisey Cox, Cherry and Martin Gallery

Anne Yamauchi, Bowers Museum

Melanie Reichert, Quicksilver, Inc.

Martha Cowley, Orange County Museum of Art

Roxanne Sharif, Leonardo Museum of Art and Science, Salt Lake City, UT

FALL 2011

Hannah Karsen, Cherry and Martin

Jenny Bowen, Paul Kopeikin Gallery

Maisey Cox, Annie Wharton Gallery

Jadai Hamilton, Annie Wharton Gallery, Paul Kopkeikin Gallery

Margo Kosin, Annie Wharton Gallery

Roxanne Sharif, Francois Ghebaly

Jennifer Seo Paul Kopeikin

Sarah Waldorf, Orange County Museum of Art

+ - 2008 - 2010

FALL 2008

Jessica Riga, Guggenheim Gallery

Lauren Zuchowski, Guggenheim Gallery

Ashley McPeek, Guggenheim Gallery

Marci King, Guggenheim Gallery

Patricia Burns, Rebecca Niederlander Studio, Katie Grinnan Studio

Jennifer Goldstein, David Salow Gallery

Kristi Collacott, Edgar Varela Fine Art

Deanna Alvis, Cherry and Martin Gallery

Mallory Becktell, Megan Geckler studio


Katie Moosmann, For Your Art (Art PR firm/Blog)

Rachel Ferrell, For Your Art

Sarah Rock, For Your Art

Christy Melugin, Regen Projects

Jennifer Goldstein, interned at Michael Kohn Gallery and worked at David Salow Gallery in Chinatown

Tatiana Nahai, Michael Kohn Gallery

Patricia Burns, Rebecca Campbell Studio

Kristi Collacott, Edgar Varela Fine Art

Jon Toto, Rebecca Campbell Studio Assistant

Leanne Mobley, Erin Cosgrove Studio

Camille Collard, Mandrake

Brittni Wedel, The Company

FALL 2009

Hannah Karsen, Paul Kopeikin

Leanne Mobley, was a studio assistant for Erin Cosgrove and interned at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Marci King, Michael Kohn

Karisa Morante, Chung King Project

Christopher Richmond, Sharon Lockhart Studio


Erika Markert, Sam Lee Gallery

Christy Melugin, Regan Projects & Cherry and Martin

Arika Abdalian, Guggenheim Gallery

Karlie Harstad, presented a paper at the ATINER (Athens Institute for Education and Research) conference in Athens, Greece, June 2010 and interned at Thomas Solomon Gallery

+ - Other Locations

Past Official Internship Locations

Dean Thomas Photography

Lumen General

Sony Pictures

Island Tribe Inc.

Arts Council for Long Beach

Chapman University

St. John Knits

Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier

Athletics and Entertainers for KidsVolcom Inc.

Aaragon Airways

SOF Publishing

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