Chapman student in Rome, Italy.
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Art 379: Rome: The Development of the City
Students spend four weeks exploring the city of Rome: its urban plan, its architecture, its art, and its history. No other city presents the same wealth of evidence for continuous occupation of a single site over a 3000-year period. Students investigate Rome from the days of its earliest settlement of the Capitoline and Palantine Hills, ca. 1000 BCE, up through construction of the city's latest major cultural attraction, Museo di Arte del XXI Secolo also known as MAXXI, completed in 2010. Along the way they will examine the city's expansion under the Roman Empire, it's decline in the Medieval period, the rebirth of the Renaissance and massive elaboration in the Baroque period, and finally the affects of Modernism, Fascism, and the post-modern developments of the 19th and 21st centuries.

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