Chapman art students visit the studio of Sculptor, Elizabeth Turk.
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» Art History Minor

The minor in Art History is designed for students seeking a broad exposure to the arts as an integral part of their liberal arts degree. The program allows them to augment their major with a series of courses that explore the history of diverse visual traditions in world culture and introduce art history’s interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological strategies. Upon declaring the minor, students are assigned an adviser with whom they plan their course of study and electives.

+ - Requirements

At the lower-division level, students choose two courses that provide broad overviews of these traditions, from ancient to modern. A wide range of upper-division elective courses offers more specialized content that explores the visual culture of particular periods and places in greater depth and from specific thematic perspectives.

+ - Application

There is no formal application for the minor in art history. To declare a minor in art history, please complete the Change of Program form (paper copies can be found in the Registrar's Office) and obtain art approval by contacting (714) 997-6729 to schedule an appointment.

+ - Contact

Please feel free to contact:

Professor Wendy Salmond

Dr. Justin Walsh

or the Department of Art office at
(714) 997-6729

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