» Town & Gown: Supporting Chapman for 51 Years

For over half a century, Town & Gown has provided generous support to Chapman University. Through membership dues and gifts, dozens of students’ educational aspirations have been realized through scholarships, numerous capital improvements completed and inspiring academic advancements have been achieved. 

One of Town & Gown’s top priorities is providing scholarship support to Chapman students. For nearly 25 years the Town & Gown Endowed Scholarship has been helping talented and hardworking students fund their Chapman education. In addition, Town & Gown established an endowed fund for Arts, Humanities and Sciences at the Leatherby Libraries, which provides books to support the liberal arts core that is heart of the university.

Over time, Town & Gown has broadened its mission to include the underwriting of a number of on-campus academic and aesthetic projects. The generous spirit and legacy of Town & Gown can also be seen throughout campus:

  • The Town & Gown Gardens at the Elliott Alumni House (named for members Tom ’60 and Pat ’60 (M.A. ’74) Elliott)
  • The Town & Gown Reading Alcove in the Leatherby Libraries
  • The American flag in the Ambassador George L. Argyros ’59 Global Citizens Plaza
  • The “Milestones on the Road to Freedom” wall in Kennedy Hall
  • Gentle Spring Fountain in Escalette Plaza
Gentle Springs Fountain
Gentle Spring Fountain
Escalette Plaza
Global Citizen Plaza
The American Flag
Ambassador George L. Argyros '59 Global Citizens Plaza
Elliot Alumni House
Town & Gown Gardens
Elliott Alumni House
Town and Gown Alcove
Town & Gown Reading Alcove
Leatherby Libraries