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Leadership Committee

3-3 to Senior Legacy is seeking student leaders who are passionate about volunteering, giving back, and want to demonstrate their leadership skills as a vital member of the 3-3 to Senior Legacy Leadership Committee.


As a member, you are responsible for:

  • Supporting the mission, objectives and goals of the 3-3 to Senior Legacy program.
  • Creating a culture that excites all Chapman students about 3-3 to Senior Legacy, volunteering and giving back
  • Attending regular Committee meetings.
  • Taking initiative on all duties assigned to you.
  • Helping out with administrative tasks as it relates to the program.
  • Thinking outside the box in order to encourage your peers to volunteer and give back!
  • Assisting Program Director, Olivia Kwitny, including being actively involved at all tabling, virtual events, and special events throughout the academic year.
  • (If a Senior) leaving your legacy here at Chapman through a monetary gift. Suggested gift of $20.21 or $21 in honor of your class year.

If interested, please submit your application.

Questions? Contact the Alumni Association at alumni@chapman.edu. Thank you.

Meet The 2020-2021 Leadership Committee

no photo available for Dylan Holder '23

Dylan Holder '23

no photo available for Todd Soo '24

Todd Soo '24

Schmid College of Science & Technology
3-3 to Senior Legacy brings together students from many different backgrounds and communities. In college, people come from all sorts of communities, and the 3-3 to Senior Legacy brings these people together to work towards giving back to the community that supports them now. The 3-3 to Senior Legacy allows for students to contribute to a bigger idea that is community service and volunteering. This allows them to work towards developing the community around them and adding positivity to the world. The students will also learn more about themselves and be able to develop themselves towards an understanding of who they are. I believe that through volunteering, students can work in a community of like-minded people, developing their self-identities and allowing them to learn about the identities of others. They can do all this while contributing to their community and spreading positivity through the 3-3 to Senior Legacy.
no photo available for Zander  Levy '23

Zander Levy '23

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Volunteering is a really effective way to help me focus my efforts to help others. I was involved throughout all of High School in an organization called Amigos Unidos, which had a 100-hours-per-year requirement for community service. This forced me to find ways to give back, like soup kitchens, food pantries, painting houses in Compton, all to develop my muscle for volunteering and giving back. And I'm hoping 3-3 to Senior Legacy will help me continue my efforts, as well as all others who volunteer, to build muscles for volunteering and to find ways to give back.
no photo available for Valentyna Simon '24

Valentyna Simon '24

no photo available for Richard  Rodriguez

Richard Rodriguez

Argyros School of Business & Economics
3-3 to Senior Legacy is important because there are many families out there that need relief right now. Chapman is an expensive school but it is a great one. Raising funds through donations is a great way to get those families involved. Giving them more financial aid so their kids can come to this great school is what Senior Legacy is all about. It's also important because it involves volunteering. At my high school, 200 hours of community service across all four years was required to graduate. I understand the importance of volunteering and the lasting effect that it has. That is why this student organization is important.
no photo available for Izzie Stoddart '24

Izzie Stoddart '24

no photo available for Lily McNamara '23

Lily McNamara '23

I think that the 3-3 Senior Legacy is important because it makes students become more well-rounded and involved with communities overall. Although the 3-3 senior legacy brings perks for seniors in their final year, it also helps in educating people on the importance of volunteering time to others. It makes students learn more about current events and situations which sometimes can be ignored or looked past when solely focusing on college coursework.
no photo available for Gabrielle  Charney Di Bernardo '24

Gabrielle Charney Di Bernardo '24

no photo available for Jaylenn  Choi '24

Jaylenn Choi '24

no photo available for Mo Hijazi '24

Mo Hijazi '24

Schmid College of Science & Technology
3-3 to Senior Legacy is very well put together when it comes to bringing together students from three different grade levels at Chapman. Throughout the opportunities provided by the program, one builds character and finds importance in giving back to the community they are part of. With the help of 3-3 to Senior Legacy, volunteers can take a closer and more detailed look at their community pushing them to build a need to help. Throughout the character-building aspect of the program, volunteers are given the opportunity to change people's lives for the better. As students go out to their community and seek to help, they bring a contagious smile to their community. Small interactions help less fortunate persons in our community see that there is someone out there that cares for them. The program helps our community find hope and to keep pushing. This program is a great way to build your character as you brighten up someone's life.
no photo available for Olivia  Ng '23

Olivia Ng '23

no photo available for Lily Le '23

Lily Le '23

Argyros School of Business & Economics
3-3 Senior Legacy is important because not only is it important to help return the same favor of the actions that were done to help you be at Chapman, but it is important to also show that same kind heart or philanthropy towards another also. It all acts as a chain, and Chapman is running on a lot of funding from the support of others and without it, we would have so much trouble, hence during our time at Chapman it is important even if it is only a little to give back and help to do as much as we can.
no photo available for Bridgette Kohl '22

Bridgette Kohl '22

Schmid College of Science & Technology
3-3 to Senior Legacy is important because it not only allows the Chapman community to grow as individuals and develop an understanding for others, but it ultimately benefits individuals outside Chapman University. I believe that we can come together to make positive impacts upon others and to put smiles on their faces through our volunteering service. Throughout our college experience, we grow as individuals, figuring out who we are, and exploring our interests. 3-3 to Senior Legacy provides an incredible experience for Chapman students to grow and understand others through volunteering and to carry on this legacy of positively impacting others as we walk on the commencement stage and throughout our lives.
no photo available for Lauren MacBean '24

Lauren MacBean '24

no photo available for Riya Belani '23

Riya Belani '23