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As a member of the faculty or staff at Chapman, you invest your time and talent in the University and our students every day. Your tireless work, energy and commitment ensures Chapman can continue to deliver on its mission and ascend the list of America’s top universities. Thank you for all you do.

Another way you can show your belief in Chapman is to support our culture of excellence through a charitable donation. Join the I’M IN! Faculty-Staff Giving campaign today by making a donation of any amount to the fund of your choice.

Consider honoring a coworker with your gift. By designating a coworker, you’re making a meaningful statement that this person has made a positive impact on you and/or your department. Your designation not only serves as a way to show gratitude to your coworker, but it may also inspire them to join you in supporting Chapman through giving.

Making a gift to Chapman University of any amount to the fund of your choice speaks volumes about your pride in our institution and your commitment to its continued success.

Are you in?

Explore your giving options and become part of the Chapman Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign today »

+ - Areas to Support

Every faculty and staff member has a unique, personal Chapman experience. You can designate your gift to support any school, department, program or other area of need where you would like to make an impact. You might also consider making a gift in honor of a colleague to thank them for the impact they've made on you. 

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+ - Why We Give

“I give because I value the work we’re doing collectively at Chapman to fully realize strategic priorities related to equity and inclusion, and I want to do my part in contributing to that positive momentum.”
Erin Pullin
Director of Diversity & Inclusion

“I am thankful for being a founding member of Chapman University School of Pharmacy and having the opportunity to contribute to Chapman’s dramatic growth during the last four years.”
Keykavous Parang
Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology

“I am thankful for the passion of the faculty, the energy of the students, the dedication of the staff – everything.”
Kimberly Greenhall
Director, Chapman Fund

“I give because I believe in the mission, vision and forward direction of Chapman University.”
Pamela Ezell
Assistant Vice President, Communications

“I give because I received a scholarship as a student and want to give back to students.”
Nicole Shay ’14
Development Coordinator

“I give because I believe in the research we are doing here and the impact it has on our community.”
Erzsebet Heim
Development Coordinator

“I am thankful for small classes, state of the art technology, beautiful campus, the Chapman Family and wonderful opportunities.”
Cassandra Ronquillo
Manager, Chapman Fund 

“I give because I want to continue allowing students on campus to have the best resources and experiences.”
Garrett Addison ’13
Admission Counselor 

“I am thankful for the positive experience I had as an undergraduate and for the scholarship I was offered. In order to provide the same experience for future students, I feel obligated to give back.”
Amy Hammer ’14
Admission Counselor

“I give because Chapman gave so much to me as a student. I’m proud to be back and give what I can to make sure current students get the same extraordinary experience.”
Steven Olveda ’08
Sports Information Director

“I give because I want my gifts to impact student growth and engagement as well as the legacy and heritage that Chapman boasts.”
Doug Aiken ’99 (M.A. ’09)
Associate Director of Athletics

“I give because I love the family feeling. I feel I belong to Chapman.”
Behzad Binesh (MBA ’79)
Vice President, Finance and University Controller

“I give to support the University’s continued growth and development.”
Gordon Babst
Associate Professor

“I give because of our academic and research trajectory in the last 10 years. It is very exciting to be contributing to Chapman’s strategic goals of becoming a nationally ranked and recognized higher education institute.”
Ming Wright
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

“I give to Chapman because it has given so much to me.”
Chris Helvajian ’09 (MBA ’10)
Assistant Director of Admission

“I give for the students.”
Delite Travis (M.A. ’15)
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Engagement and Development

“I give because it’s the right thing to do.”
Ken Murphy
Associate Professor, Associate Provost

“I give because every person deserves an education.”
Laura Miller ’14
Development Assistant

“I am a Chapman graduate. My wife is a Chapman graduate. My son is obtaining his B.A. through Chapman. I give because Chapman has given me so much it’s only fair to give back.”
Craig Lee ’15 (MBA ’16)
Captain, Public Safety

“I give because I want to help students who need it like Chapman helped me when I was a student.”
Annette Casas ’06
Assistant Registrar

“I give to make our campus the best for our students experience here at Chapman University.”
Katie Bye
Executive Assistant to the VP of Campus Planning and Operations

“I give because I love being involved in such a diverse campus. I love the students, staff, and programs.”
Linda Padilla-Smyth
Real Estate and Property Management

“I like to see the results of my giving by giving to my college. It makes me feel good to give.”
Terri Swanson
Administrative Assistant

“I give because of the positive and collaborative sense of community, and because quality education builds communities.”
Brady Hogan ’92 (MBA ’14)
Director, Alumni Engagement

“I give back because Chapman has given me so much that I am forever grateful for and I would be honored to be able to provide someone with the same Chapman experience I had.”
Paula Pearl ’15
Manager, Chapman Fund

+ - Ways to Give

There are several convenient payment options—choose the one that is best for you:

Payroll Deduction
Payroll deduction is an easy and convenient way to arrange for a one-time gift or for ongoing monthly contributions. Download the payroll deduction form and return it to Jami McCoy, gift recorder, in University Advancement at 633. West Palm, Office 104. You can also scan and return the form via email to imin@chapman.edu.

Give Online
You can make your gift online with a credit card anytime. Explore areas to make a gift »

Call Us
Give us a call at (714) 628-2834 and we will come and pick up your contribution personally.

Chapman is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

+ - Why does my gift matter?

Will my gift really make a difference?

Absolutely. Just as working together as colleagues creates a powerful synergy, coming together as a community to support our University through giving has a significant collective impact. The more faculty and staff who choose to donate, the greater the impact. We have a goal of 100% participation and we hope you will join us to reach the finish line.

I work at Chapman; why should I also donate to the University?

As a member of the faculty or staff, your gift speaks volumes about your commitment to the University and your belief in Chapman’s mission. Through your dedication to your role at Chapman and your generosity, you are sending a powerful and inspiring message to our students and our fellow Chapman Family members.

In addition, corporations and foundations will often look for a strong showing of charitable support from faculty and staff when making funding decisions.

Students pay tuition; why does the University need my charitable support?

It might surprise you to learn that tuition does not fully cover the cost of a Chapman University education. The generosity of our donors, including faculty and staff, enables us to cover the difference, and affords us the support needed to provide a personalized education to each and every student.

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