» 3-3 to Senior Legacy 2020

Through volunteerism and charitable giving, 3-3 to Senior Legacy works to foster an undergraduate culture of “giving back” to Chapman and the community that will naturally transcend into students’ lives as alumni.  3-3 to Senior Legacy’s mission is to engage students from the moment they say YES to being admitted to Chapman to the moment they cross the stage at Commencement. 

3-3 to Senior Legacy asks students to volunteer Three Hours of their time and talent in each of their first Three Years (Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Years) to programs that impact Chapman and the larger Chapman community.  (*Transfer students can participate immediately.)  

The Chapman Fund is our answer to students and families in crisis during this global pandemic

Seniors know the importance of helping their fellow students and leaving their legacy. During this unprecedented time in your lives, as we focus our attention on those Chapman students struggling to make ends meet, please consider a gift to the Chapman Fund.

Your gift will have an immediate impact.

Together, we will make Chapman stronger than it has ever been.

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In their Senior Year, Seniors are asked to leave their Senior Legacy or treasure and “give back” to Chapman in honor of their Class, to a favorite professor or staff member who made a difference in their Chapman experience, or to benefit future students need-based scholarships, etc.  This long-standing annual tradition helps give future generations of students the opportunity to experience a life-changing Chapman education. All gifts of all sizes make a difference; Senior students might consider giving a gift of $20.20 to commemorate their class year.

Check back to see which area of campus is in the lead!

How to Give to Senior Legacy

Making your gift is easy! You can donate online or at any of our senior events throughout the year. You can give by cash, check or credit card. Make your gift by Friday, May 29 to be recognized in the 2020 Commencement Program.

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  • Are you interested in leaving your legacy at Chapman University?

    Are you passionate about giving back? Do you want to recognize others who give back?

    Do you want to put on fun events and programs to bring the senior class together?

    If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, please email seniorlegacycu@gmail.com

  • Chapman Fund - Merit and Need-Based Scholarships

    Through your support to the Chapman Fund, you will directly touch the lives of Chapman students by ensuring that they have access and the opportunity to pursue a Chapman education in the form of merit and need-based scholarships.

    School of Communicaiton Fund for Excellence

    The School of Communication Fund for Excellence provides support for students and faculty, ensuring that they have the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing communication environment. Gifts to the School of Communication support academic initiatives that allow us to raise the profile of the school both in the Southern California region and nationally.

    ASBE Fund for Excellence

    This fund will provide strategic investments which advance the mission of the Argyros School, beyond the current status quo. A short list of examples includes: cutting edge research, advanced programs and technology to support career placement, curriculum enhancements and lab space/equipment for: Big Stat analytics, Real Estate and Healthcare management.


    Chapman University student-athletes are some of the best and brightest in NCAA Division III. And thanks to the generosity of donors like you, they are able to compete and practice in some of the finest and most state-of-the-art facilities in Division III.

    Keck Center for Science and Engineering

    Dear Class of 2019, help advance the sciences at Chapman University by making a gift to the Keck Center for Science and Engineering capital campaign. When complete, the 140,000 square-foot facility will be the largest building ever constructed on the Chapman campus. Your donation will go towards the construction of center’s state-of-the-art research and teaching labs, collaboration areas for students and faculty members, seminar and conference rooms, high-tech equipment to support molecular biology, microbiology, organic and physical chemistry and biogeochemistry, a graduate student lounge, outdoor amphitheater, and much more! Donate today and your name and class year will be displayed on electronic donor wall within the new Keck Center for Science and Engineering (i.e. Albert Einstein ’17). 

    CES Dean's Discretionary Fund

    The College of Educational Studies has made remarkable progress in recent years and continues to have many initiatives that need your help to sustain this important mission. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of our students and our communities. Please help us to fulfill our promise of - “Changing Education. Changing the World.”

    COPA Fund for Excellence

    Provides support for the College of Performing Arts (CoPA) and the initiatives that directly impact the student’s artistic and professional experience. Your investment will help fund production costs for 100 plus performances of dance, music and theatre, the recruitment of professional visiting artists for master classes and performances on campus and scholarships and travel funds for student touring ensembles and conferences.

    Crean College Fund for Academic Excellence

    With your help, the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences can fund new professorships and chairs, innovative research and teaching, post-doctoral researchers and visiting professors, national and international conferences and other academic initiatives on campus that raise the profile of health sciences at Chapman University.

    Disciples on Campus Scholarships

    Gifts to Disciples on Campus (DOC) support scholarships for students from Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ congregations who participate in the Disciples on Campus program. Gifts given for these scholarships through the Office of Church Relations are matched by Chapman University.

    Dodge College International Initiatives

    At Dodge College, we offer a variety of international filmmaking programs and exchanges to enhance our students’ unique educational experiences. In these programs, students across all of our disciplines including film, broadcast journalism, film studies, digital arts and public relations have the opportunity to venture to locales such as Malawi, South Korea, Italy, Thailand, and Laos to further cultivate their storytelling capabilities. The ripple effect is truly remarkable, igniting our students’ enthusiasm for working with people from diverse backgrounds and giving them fresh perspectives on international political, economic and social issues. Your tax-deductible gift will support students traveling abroad in one of our programs. Your contribution will enable us to continue to evolve our programming to provide unparalleled industry opportunities for our students.

    Greek Life Endowment

    The Greek Life Endowment was created to provide programs, services, training and leadership opportunities to the Greek community through Chapman’s Panhellenic and IFC organizations. It began in 2012 and has been supported by alumni, parents and students who feel passionate about growing these opportunities for current students. Your life was forever changed by your Greek experience; this is your opportunity to create the same life-changing experience for future generations of Greeks.

    Leatherby Library Endowment

    Your gift to the Leatherby Libraries Endowment will provide funds to acquire library materials in support of the research, teaching and academic missions of Chapman University. In addition, the Leatherby Libraries Endowment may support special events, speakers series, exhibits, and other activities sponsored by the Leatherby Libraries. Because this is an endowment fund, your gift will continue to support the library for generations to come.

    Wilkinson College General Fund

    The General Fund is focused on supporting learning experiences beyond the classroom through providing opportunities for students to travel and present their research at undergraduate conferences or to attend events on campus with world renowned guest lectures for all of the program within the humanities and social sciences which are Art, English, Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, History, Peace Studies, Political Sciences and Sociology.

  • What is Senior Legacy?
    In brief, the Senior Legacy unites seniors through engaging experiences and instills a lifelong commitment to Chapman University that impacts future student opportunities. Furthermore, the Senior Legacy will be hosting events to bring the Class of 2019 together throughout the year as well as encouraging donations by seniors to the senior class gift, benefiting opportunities for future panthers.

    Why is it important to give?
    The Senior Legacy Campaign will create opportunities for future students to have the same fulfilling Chapman experience that you enjoyed during your time here. Did you know that over 84% of Chapman students benefit from some form of financial aid or scholarship assistance. Helping others receive an outstanding Chapman University education is a powerful way to show our thanks for the support we received as students while empowering future generations. Furthermore, donations made by seniors increase the value of the Chapman degree by increasing alumni giving rates and university rankings.

    How do I make a gift?
    Making your gift is easy! You can donate at one of our many events or tabling days throughout the year or you can donate online, by mail, or by filling out and dropping off a Student Donation form in the mail to Chapman Gift Recorder, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866.

    What if I can't afford it?
    There is no minimum gift. Whether you choose to contribute $20.19, $19.00 or $9.00, every gift is important. Together, the Class of 2019 can and will make a meaningful and lasting legacy at Chapman University.

    How can I get involved?
    Send an email to seniorlegacycu@gmail.com.

Meet our Committee!

no photo available for Olivia  Mello

Olivia Mello

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Music-Piano Performance Minor: Political Science
Activities: President and Founder of The First Generation Mentor Program, President of Pre-Law Society, Chapman University's Newman Civic Fellow, Chapman Ambassador, and Member of Chapman Spoonies
Why this program is important to me: The 3-3 Senior Legacy Program is important to me because I believe that encouraging philanthropic work as a young adult will establish the habit of doing so in the future. I am inspired to help create a service-driven environment at Chapman. Service is what enhances the learning experience and I want to showcase that to others.
no photo available for Natalie  Wittkow

Natalie Wittkow

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Accounting
Activities: Women’s Volleyball team, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Why this program is important to me: The 3-3 Senior Legacy program is important to me because it shows the value and importance of volunteering and giving back. I also think it is important that students recognize when they are taking part in providing future students with scholarships.
no photo available for Holly Knox

Holly Knox

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Communications Minor: Leadership Cluster
Why this program is important to me: 3-3 to Senior Legacy embodies the essence of selfless giving. Why wouldn't one want to brighten someone’s day with symbolized care, especially for their accomplishments in the realm of education? This program opens the doors for upcoming college attendees who are in need of knowing they are here to become the best they can be and that their future awaits them. It also allows those ending their college chapter with something to cherish forever.
no photo available for Diana Abyad

Diana Abyad

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Television Writing and Production Minor: Film Music
Activities: Chapman on Broadway, Panther Recreational Soccer, Chapman Italian Club
Why this program is important to me: 3-3 to Senior Legacy is important to me because it helps raise money for student scholarships. Scholarships are what enabled me to go to Chapman, so through senior legacy we can help enable other students and make it easier for them to choose Chapman!
no photo available for Camila Correa

Camila Correa

Leadership Committee Member
Major: English; Strategic and Corporate Communication Studies
Why 3-3 to Senior Legacy is important to me: Giving back to the institution and community is important because it shows that Chapman made a difference in the lives of the alumni and that the alumni are proud of having gone to Chapman. A lot of students want to go to a university with a strong alumni presence because it gives them better opportunities to find the jobs they want and to create friendships that last a lifetime. Coming from a strong community of leaders and intellectuals is inspiring and encouraging to the current students at the school to want to become alumni of Chapman and be a part of the community to help Chapman grow and become an even better school. Giving back to Chapman doesn't just give back to the school, it becomes an investment that gives back to the students, parents, and faculty. It's an entire community that wants to grow and benefit together and without the help of alumni, the community can't grow to its full potential.
no photo available for Lily Le

Lily Le

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Business Marketing
Activities: Vietnamese Student Association
Why this program is important to me: I believe that giving back to other, alongside the idea of paying it forward, is really important. As someone who is able to attend this amazing school through school grants and/or financial aid, I find it very important to keep this going for other students in the future. I know that this program, while still small and humble right now, will become a big and well known program on campus one day. I am honored to be with this team of smart individuals that are apart of making 3-3 to Senior Legacy successful.
no photo available for Talia Cuttitta

Talia Cuttitta

Leadership Committee Member
Major: Television Writing and Production; Minor: Film Music
Activities: Chapman on Broadway, Panther Recreational Soccer, Chapman Italian Club
Why this program is important to me: 3-3 to Senior Legacy helps raise money for student scholarships. Scholarships are what enabled me to go to Chapman, so through 3-3 to Senior Legacy we can help enable other students and make it easier for them to choose Chapman!

Seniors Who Have Left Their Legacy

Class of 2020

Sebastian Medina
John Chapman
Matthew Corbin
Reyanne Jacobsen
Kasady Liu
McKenzie Stake
Crystal Mo
Tatiana Whitlow
Alejandro De Anda
Laura Alvarez
Lindsey Alterman
Lily Hu
Samantha Gonzalez
Connor Johnson
Matthew Smith
Joshua Goldfaden
Tadaye Romero
Rosita Saul
Jeffrey Zimberoff
Daniel Guerin
Omar Arafeh
Elizabeth Hymes
Jack Parker
Michelle Aiken
Lily Guttman
Katarina Trifunovic
Nicole Williams
Jessica Rubio
Tram Dang
Camila Correa
Richard Elder
Nicholas Scordakis
Lewis Gehami
Maribel Moran
Austin Bphannon
Amy Lim
Kevin Kitzsimon
Keanu Kauhi-Correia
Gracie Brand
Olivia Dom
Maddi Deckard
Luis Anaya
Amy Brugger
Jordan Greenhall
Anne Fisher
Maarten Tan
Christian Valencia
Noah Johnson
Liliana Holguin
Rachel Burley
Matthew Pinkney
Olivia Hendry
Kathryn Minzner
Ryan Marhoefer
Max Limmer
Natalie Peterson
Willa Mitchel
Maecey Malone
Ryan Trumpler
Aisha Alhakawati
Alexandria Jensen
Isabel Wiemken
Ananya Vittal
Maria Nuzzo
Allyson Haase
Shae Scarr
Justin Edmondson