» The Chapman Fund Executive Board

The Chapman Fund Executive Board is composed of distinguished parents, alumni and friends who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and commitment to the mission and vision of Chapman University through annual gifts of $25,000 or more to the Chapman Fund.

Chapman Fund Executive Board members have the unique opportunity to play a prominent leadership role in shaping the future of Chapman, not only through their own donations, but by rising to the challenge of recruiting others to contribute and by having regular opportunities to actively engage with University administration.

In joining the Chapman Fund Executive Board, you will deepen your relationship with faculty and administration, alumni, friends and students. You will develop meaningful relationships within the University, including Provost Glenn M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. and other leaders and board members. If you are a parent, you may even choose to stay active on the board after your student graduates.

You will also have exclusive access to special events and meetings with the interim provost, who will serve not only as a valuable partner to you but will also be available to communicate with you directly. This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to have a real and immediate impact on the University.

Chapman Fund Executive Board members take on a leadership role in reaching out to the community on behalf of Chapman, taking personal responsibility for the critically important task of explaining the immediate and vital impact that unrestricted giving has on Chapman’s ability to further its educational mission.

We invite you to take advantage of this unique philanthropic opportunity to provide your leadership and guidance in shaping the future of Chapman University as a member of the Chapman Fund Executive Board.  To learn more, contact the Annual Giving team at (714) 628-2834 or annualgiving@chapman.edu.

+ - Membership Qualifications

Members of the Chapman Fund Executive Board understand the incalculable benefits their leadership can provide to Chapman, and meet the following qualifications:

  • Make a gift or pledge commitment of $25,000 or more, early in the annual giving year
  • Educate fellow Chapman parents, friends and alumni about the importance of supporting the Chapman Fund
  • Identify, cultivate and solicit gifts of $25,000 or more from at least four other individuals
  • Help build relationships between Chapman parents, friends and alumni and the University
  • Report the results of contacts and follow-up results to the Chapman Fund
  • Attend committee events
  • Attend regional events for Chapman
  • Participate in at least one salon event during the year on behalf of the Chapman Fund

+ - Membership Benefits

Chapman Fund Executive Board members receive a variety of exclusive benefits as a way of recognizing their extraordinary philanthropy and leadership skills. All Chapman Fund Executive Board members receive, in addition to benefits provided by their platinum star membership in the President’s Circle,:

  • Exclusive access to the provost of Chapman University, Dr. Glenn M. Pfeiffer
  • Invitations to special private events with Dr. Pfeiffer
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