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    Digital Media Arts Center

» Digital Media Arts Center

The 18,000 square-foot Digital Media Arts Center is specifically designed to establish Dodge College as a recognized leader in the digital arts, an area of current and projected growth in the booming creative economy.   

A working, industry-standard studio that rivals those of Pixar, Disney, Microsoft or Google, the Digital Media Arts Center combines “hang-out spaces” that include a coffee bar, relaxed indoor lounge and large patio with picnic tables, with flexible classrooms and laboratories that provide Dodge College students with access to the very latest technology so that they are well-prepared to work on Hollywood’s most technically sophisticated projects.

Your participation is vital.  By naming a space within the Center, your support will create extraordinary learning opportunities for our students, while providing Dodge College with room to grow and expand its outstanding programs. The space you name will be recognized in perpetuity, and your historic gift will ensure that Dodge College not only remains at the forefront of film education, but continues to be a trend-setter in the industry, continually breaking new ground and setting higher standards for its graduates.

For more information or to make a gift in support of the Center, please contact David B. Moore at (714) 516-4590 or dmoore@chapman.edu