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After the completion of a term all accounts with an outstanding balance are placed on a collections hold. A collection hold means the student is unable to order transcripts and or diplomas or continue enrollment unless the account is paid in full.  Chapman University's Collections Specialist will review all accounts and send out notices to the student or the co-signer via collection letters, phone calls or emails. The full amount due is required. However, the University will allow monthly payments to be made. To set up a monthly payment plan the student or the co-signer must contact the Collections Specialist. Payments can be made using your

If any financial assistances is missing on your account please refer to the Quick Links on the right side of the page for a link that is applicable to you.

Collection Agency Accounts

If all Chapman University collections activities are exhausted and no monthly payments are made or the account is not paid in full the account will be forwarded to an outside collection agency. The outside collection agency will report all derogatory accounts to all credit bureau reporting agencies. To avoid this action the student or the co-signer must pay the account in full or set up a monthly payment plan.

Contact Karen Chepeka at the University Collections Office to make arrangements to pay the balance due, or discuss the collections hold, as follows:

  •  (include your name, Chapman ID #, use your Chapman email)
  • Fax: (714) 744-7995 (include your name, Chapman ID #, use your Chapman email)
  • Phone: (714) 997-6649
  • In person at:
    University Collections
    Bhathal Student Services Center
    One University Drive
    Orange, CA  92866
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