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Undergraduate Financial Aid

» Outside Tuition Assistance

In addition to the information below, the internet and your local public library are excellent resources for scholarship information. You can also view our Facebook page for more information about new scholarship offers.

Scholarship Searches

Check out the free scholarship services listed below to learn of scholarship opportunities funded by individuals, companies, foundations, and eleemosynary organizations. Are you new to the scholarship process? Check out


Get scholarship information, criteria, deadlines, tips for avoiding scams, and more.

Best all-around search, it's free and you can set up a mailbox that will be continually updated with new scholarships according to your user profile.

Student Scholarship Search

Student Resource Network searches mostly non-need based scholarships, fellowships and grants. They have a database of more than 7,000 awards.


Free database search, by The College Board, updated annually.

* Remember, NEVER pay for a scholarship or scholarship search, even if it is only a few dollars! Some even have a guarantee that you will get a scholarship. These are usually scams, so beware. Learn more on How to Spot a Scam.