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Federal Direct Loans

There are many ways to obtain money for school. One of the easiest ways is through the Federal Direct Loans Program provided by the United States Government. The Federal Direct Loans Program offers several different loans to help pay for educational expenses.

Applying for these loans is simple; once a student has completed his FAFSA online and completed any additional paperwork requested from the Financial Aid Office, the student will be offered Federal Direct Loans. Loan amounts are based on a student’s grade level as well as loans previously borrowed through the Direct Loan program. Undergraduates maybe offered Parent PLUS Direct Loan, while Graduates may be offered Graduate PLUS Direct Loan. Students with more need will be offered Subsidized Direct Loan along with Unsubsidized Direct Loan.

Private/Alternative Loans

These loans are provided by third party lenders to help meet expenditures that cannot be met by other forms of financial aid. These loans often have higher interest rates and more limits; however, these change from Lender to Lender. It is encouraged that a student find and compare lenders to obtain the loan that fits his or her needs best.

Chapman Interest-Free Loan

The Chapman Interest-Free Loan is the only loan provided through Chapman University. The student's eligibility for this loan is determined by the Financial Aid Office. The process of applying and obtaining this loan is done through the Office of Student Business Services.