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Undergraduate Financial Aid

» Federal Work-Study

  • The Federal Work-Study Program gives a student the opportunity to work part-time while attending school.
  • To qualify for a Federal Work-Study position a student must demonstrate financial need and have a Federal Work-Study award as a part of the student’s overall financial aid package.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to search, apply and interview for a position as well as maintain their own continual employment.
  • If a student has financial need and has not been awarded Federal Work-Study, the student may speak with his financial aid advisor.
  • In the Federal Work-Study program, the employer only pays a portion of the student’s wage; the rest is supplied through federal funding.
  • A student may work up to 19 hours per week.  Pay rates are the same or comparable to non-Work-Study jobs.  No job pays less than the current state set minimum wage.
  • Our Human Resources Department handles the employment of students.  If a student is looking for a position, they can do so online.